Rajesh Vivek in Chittod Ki Rani Padmini..

Rajesh Vivek, popularly known as Guran of Lagaan fame will be seen essaying an important role in Sony's historical on Rani Padmini..

Rajesh Vivek, popular for his role of Guran the fortune-teller in the Aamir Khan movie Lagaan is the next talented actor to be seen in Sony's Chittod Ki Rani Padmini Ka Johur.

According to our source, "Rajesh Vivek will portray the character of Wise man and will be seen for two episodes, and is somewhat like Yaksh Prashn in Mahabharat. His character will go on to unfold lots of unsolved and heard facts about Ratan Singh and Padmini to the audience, which will include the revelation of Ratan Singh being married and having a son too".

Along with Rajesh Vivek, talented veteran actor S.M. Zaheer will also be entering the show. "He will be seen playing the renowned poet Amir Khusro", adds our khabroo.

"There will also be yet another entry in Ratan Singh's (Rohit Bakshi) brother Gajendra Singh, to be played by Aarya. He will be the typical brother to Ratan Singh, similar to Bharat of Ramayan", states our source.

So much to look forward to after the grand Bidaai of Rani Padmini

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh

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Comments (8)

Wow. The show is finally picking up. Very excited!

15 years ago

one of the best historical epic on tv now!

15 years ago

thats new informn abt ratan singh.i knew sum facts abt it but not dis1.sum 1 has justifid nagmatis act statng it as reason.but da way she was shown behavng wid her in-laws & ratan singh she doesn't hav rite 2 complain.bcoz if any husband bhave like nagmati den a wife"ll also left him.

15 years ago

this show is the best show being aired on TV at present!!! Man i love Pamdini to the core!! These new entries will take the show to newer heights!!

15 years ago

wow rana has son too tht did not know and many tlented actor entering show ......am glued to see all

15 years ago

if am not wrong he was part of Jodha Akbar too ... iguess .... not sure

15 years ago

ranaji has a son.!!n now nagmatis reasons r justified 2!
im so happy 2 c sme great actors mkng their way 2 RPOC!!thanx!

15 years ago

Wow! Alot will be happening but Rana already has a son...=S
Great to have some prestigious name associated with the show. Looking forward to it.

Thanks TB!

15 years ago

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