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Raja Chaudhary in 9X' Black..

Raja is back in action and will play a negative lead in 9X' paranormal show, Black..

Published: Monday,Mar 16, 2009 19:56 PM GMT-06:00
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Raja Chaudhary in 9X Black..
After Bigg Boss and the infamous run-in with the law, Raja Chaudhary is back in action. He will play a negative character in the 9X paranormal show Black. "My character which will make an entry very soon will be the main negative guy. He will help the boy in who the devil has entered, to fight positive forces. This show might herald a new beginning for me, as I want to focus only on my career and not on my non-existent family life", quips the man. 

Raja admits that he may have hurt some people post Bigg Boss. "But then I was under depression, so my actions were not deliberate. I thought my family will come together but that did not happen", quips Raja. On the cases levied against him, he says, "All the police cases have been resolved".

He is also doing a couple of films. One is Rajneesh's 'White Money' directed by Rajnish Tyagi. "We will begin shooting later this year and the major part of the shoot will happen in Maldives", concludes the actor. The second is supposedly a film on himself.

Reporter and Author: Anil Merani

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Guess!!! @Wrackspurt 14 years ago The list was very nice.........how can one forget the delicious cookies that Ekta gave us.......the other producer and directors also saw that the viewers are loving those cookies and so they began to stuff the viewers throats with packets and packets of the same cookies.......but unfortunately the cookies have now become stale......and now the viewers health is suffering.

The bottom line is that if one''s favourite dish is served everyday round the clock........that person will begin to hate that dish.

If Ekta now tries to do something different then only she will get back her audience.......but unfortunately for her whenever she tries something new she some how goes back to those stale cookies.
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Susie Kaur @JATTISIKHNESS25 14 years ago to Idioit_1...even though the stories may be similar or the situations created, but we still love to watch it..so well put.
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Silence @SecretKhabri420 14 years ago Sounds good, hope he not return to the same problems of depression.......
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Karan @phadukaran 14 years ago Raja, i hope you get serious, you are salman khan of bhojpuri film industry, always misunderstood by everyone, including media. Good luck and hope for the best...
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Sonam @sonam_s 14 years ago I''m so glad he is back. All the best Raja. I''m with you.
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-SalShah4eva- @-SalShah4eva- 14 years ago I stil love ekta she wil back ..very soon she is very hard time now...
she create magic on industry ...
een she picked wonderful casts for her shows.like shweta-anurag, kashish and sujal and many mores i never can forget them
eevn her show Kundali and kabhu sauten kabhi sahelli was excellent show
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Aditi @-Ravenclaw- 14 years ago he''s a weirdo...hope he doesnt trouble shweta anymore....!!
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Guess!!! @Wrackspurt 14 years ago @instantkhichdi
i am supporting you......i did not like Ekta serials, saas-bahu ones even during the time when everyone loved them.....i watched kyunki and kahani for only those parts which interested me.....i never really liked her concept of vamps in the show.....dead people becoming alive......violence every now and then.....a person marrying innumerable times but living happily with all his wives.....killing off your son or daughter or husband or brother or sister for any random reason....well i can go on and on.
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Rishani @FreeBird03 14 years ago thanks..happy to hear something positive abt raja after so long! :)
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Guess!!! @Wrackspurt 14 years ago Why Ekta discussion going on? article is on Raja na???anyway i dont like Raja at all........he is really blah!!!
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