'Rainbow Rishta' trailer unveils heartwarming unscripted series on queer love for the first time in India

Directed by Jaydeep Sarkar 'Rainbow Rishta' is set to make history as it brings to the forefront vital real-life stories of queer love, enriching our understanding of love's diverse tapestry.

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Rainbow Rishta

In a groundbreaking move, India's beloved entertainment destination, Prime Video, has unveiled the trailer for 'Rainbow Rishta,' a unique unscripted docuseries that beautifully portrays the real-life love stories and experiences of members from the LGBTQIA+ community. Directed by Jaydeep Sarkar, with story directors Hridaye A. Nagpal and Shubhra Chatterji, this VICE Studios Production is set to make history as it brings to the forefront vital real-life stories of queer love, enriching our understanding of love's diverse tapestry.

The docuseries, a pioneering endeavor by Prime Video, spotlights six authentic love stories, illuminating the myriad facets of love within the LGBTQIA+ community. These stories are not only a testament to the unique journeys of the protagonists but also serve as a powerful, positive influence on everyone they encounter along their path.

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Featuring a compelling ensemble cast, 'Rainbow Rishta' introduces us to a diverse group of individuals who have chosen to share their love stories with the world. The series showcases the lives of Trinetra Haldar, Aishwarya Ayushmaan, Daniella Mendonca, Aneez Saikia and Sanam Choudhary, Soham Sengupta and Suresh Ramdas, and Sadam Hanjabam, providing a heartwarming window into the endearing world of queer love stories originating from different corners of India.

Director Jaydeep Sarkar, reflecting on the series, noted, "Rainbow Rishta celebrates the most powerful emotion of all, love, in all its glory. I feel fortunate to be able to capture the real and unfiltered stories of these remarkable individuals who are living their lives with pride, challenging societal norms with utmost courage and patience. I am thankful to Prime Video and VICE Studios for providing a platform for these human narratives that have been long overdue. I hope with Rainbow Rishta, viewers will be able to understand a little better that queer lives are not so different from that of straight folks."

'Rainbow Rishta' holds a significant place in Prime Video's festive lineup for the Great Indian Festival 2023, aiming to create awareness, foster understanding, and spread love. The docuseries is set to premiere on November 7 and will be available not only in India but also in more than 240 countries and territories worldwide, offering both Hindi and English language options.

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