Rabb Se Hai Dua: Haider breaks down in tears as Dua refuses to talk to him; Dua puts up a strong face

In the upcoming episodes of Zee TV's show Rabb Se Hai Dua, Haider and Dua will be seen having a very emotional moment. Read on to know more.

- By "Aanchal Chowdhary"
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Zee TV's show Rabb Se Hai Dua has been keeping the audience glued with its current track. It revolves around Dua finally taking a stand for herself and voicing her opinions after Haider gets married to Ghazal. 

In the upcoming episodes of the show, we will see Dua and Haider caught in a very emotional moment. Dua has left her and Haider's room and has shifted to another room in the house. Haider will come outside Dua's room to talk to her. He will repeatedly ask Dua to talk to him once and open the door of her room. However, Dua will refuse all of Haider's attempts. While Haider will break down in tears outside Dua's room, Dua too will break down inside the room. But she will not show it to Haider and will continue being strong in front of him even though Haider's tears have been breaking her heart. 

Currently in the show we have been seeing how Dua has now finally stood up against Ghazal. Dua's mother Hamida has fuelled her up with motivation and hence she has now decided to take a stand for herself. Previously, Dua had assaulted Ghazal as she tried to kill Dua's mother. This resulted into Ghazal calling the cops and wanting to get Dua arrested. Haider too had sided with Ghazal and had asked Dua to apologize to her.

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