Rabb Se Hai Dua: Dua decides to leave Haider's house, begs everyone to believe her

In the upcoming episode of Zee TV's show Rabb Se Hai Dua, Dua will be seen saying a final good bye to Haider and his house.

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Zee TV's show "Rabb Se Hai Dua," continues to captivate viewers with its compelling storyline, featuring Aditi Sharma, Karanveer Sharma, and Richa Rathore in prominent roles.

In the current plot, Haider and his mother find themselves facing a daunting predicament, landing them both behind bars. The emotional turmoil escalates as Haider bears witness to the inspector's harsh treatment of his mother, leaving him utterly shattered. Meanwhile, Ghazal grapples with her own inner turmoil as she watches Haider's anguish unfold. She chooses to remain silent, fearing that her support for Dua might drive a wedge between her and Haider.

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In the upcoming episodes, a significant twist in the story unfolds as Dua makes the heart-wrenching decision to leave Haider's residence. She has given up on her attempts to convince everyone of her innocence, even after Haider sent her divorce papers, which she refused to sign. The situation takes a shocking turn when Haider's family staunchly refuses to coexist with Dua under the same roof. Their ultimatum is crystal clear: if Dua remains, they will depart. This devastating development deeply upsets Dua, prompting her to finally take the painful step of leaving the house.

Before her departure, Dua makes a last-ditch effort to persuade everyone of her innocence. However, her pleas fall on deaf ears, with no one willing to believe her. Daadi steps in to defend Dua, insisting on her innocence, but her words too are met with skepticism. Consequently, Dua decides to leave the house, her heart heavy with the burden of injustice.

The lingering question remains: Can Dua ever prove her innocence?

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