Raahil Azim to play 'Aaryaman' in Ssshhh Phir Koi Hai!!

Raahil Azim is back in a cameo in the special series of 'SSShhhh' Episodes. Watch him play 'Aaryaman' the Ghost Buster!!


Star One’s Friday Nights are in for a revamp as Star One is introducing a new element in Shhh… Phir Koi Hai.. In the month of July, the viewers will see the introduction of a ‘Special Series’ of SSSShhhh episodes. The series is named “AARYAMAN”. There will be one character called AARYAMAN as the common factor in all the 4 episodes.

The tall and versatile Raahil Azim will be playing the central character of Aaryaman. Raahil Azim who just finished his stint with Star One’s Betiyaan Apni Ya Paraaya Dhan will now be seen playing this ghost buster like character Aaryaman, who enters the lives of people to ward them off the evil spirits.. Our reporter caught up with the enthusiastic Raahil who described Aaryaman as, “Aarayaman is a common man, with certain powers of dealing with demons. Tackling demons is a left hand job for him, he is at ease in doing this. He helps people and sloves complicated cases. He has a Guru who gets him his cases. “ Talking about his look as Aaryaman, Raahil exclaims, “ His look is specially designed to make him look extremely attractive. It looks different and is more of a stylish type.” When asked whether this role can be compared to Haatim, the actor was quick to say, “Hatim is a cut above the rest. It is very difficult to even think of comparing anything to Haatim. Haatim can be made only once.. But the presentation here is very different. All the 4 stories are nice and I got to work with different directors..” ,says Raahil.

So get ready to watch a larger than life ‘Aaryaman’ from July 6th on Sshhh. Phir Koi Hai on Fridays at 10PM, only on Star One !!

Author: Srividya Rajesh

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maha786 2007-08-31T12:24:53Z i dont think srk looks fat at all he really has changed for the gud even if its for a role
huneymonsta 2007-08-31T12:11:28Z i love srk, he isnt fat!!! :O hes hot :D
*mad* 2007-08-26T23:51:43Z my god..grl called him fat....
he was nt fat
aryan is soo cute
standing up for his father like tht

ritzy2ritz 2007-08-26T23:41:10Z awwww but i hate arying for kickinga girl
desigrl27 2007-08-26T15:56:57Z haha, I hate SRK a lot, but this article is soo awwwwww
Neetusxm 2007-08-25T09:10:48Z srk wasnt fat but his workout makes him look even more yum lol... thnx for the article
anishma24 2007-08-25T05:47:52Z omg! a girl called him fat
she must be blind
-Believe- 2007-08-25T05:17:12Z he look OLD with long hair.........
Too_Much 2007-08-25T04:12:50Z Hmmmm when gauri aunty doesnt mind why to care for a outsider, girl of young age
-DulceMaria- 2007-07-04T00:49:18Z wow!! rahiil is back, i loved him in betiyaan apni.......
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