"We have always tried to break some new ground with all our shows!" - Yash Patnaik

With all three of his shows on air currently rising the waves of popularity, we get producer Yash Patnaik of Beyond Dreams Entertainment to talk about the USP of each of the show and what makes them stand out in the current lot.

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Yash Patnaik is one happy producer these days. While Veera on Star Plus is amongst the top 10 shows on Indian Television, Sadda Haq is the most popular show on Channel V, and Main Naa Bhoolungi with its gripping suspense is putting a strong front on prime time.

Here the proud producer talks about all the three shows on air, their USP and what makes them stand apart from the rest of the lot.

Veera on Star Plus -
"Veera has been on air for almost 1 1/2 years now and the first phase has got over with the leap. According to the script the leap was to happen in the 33rd episode but the kids were much loved and the track turned interesting too showing many things which were never ever played on TV to keep the audience engrossed. The emotional bonding between the siblings has been the USP of the show and thus the leap which was to happen in the 33rd episode happened after 285 episodes. Now with the main track being introduced with childhood friends Ranvi (Shivin Narang), Veera (Digangana Suryavanshi), Baldev (Vishal Vashistha) and Gunjan (Farnaz Shetty) all grown up and how their lives meet by chance it will become an interesting love story too between the two couples Ranvi and Gunjan and Veera and Baldev. While with Ranvi and Gunjan it is one sided love and realization from Ranvi's side; Veera
and Baldev are always shown to be at loggerheads!"

"We are exploring new grounds here too with the love hate angle. You start hating somebody only when you love that person and the love starts growing and unless you love somebody you cannot hate that person. If you don't love that person you will ignore him or her so the USP or rather the DNA of the show is sibling love and it is not just another love story so we are playing with all the four characters where each is affected by what happens in their lives. The fallout between the two families and none of the tracks is in isolation unlike other stories."

"There is a strong interconnect with the families and it is not a bubblegum story just about youth. There is a back story related to all the characters and their history and equation with each other. So we have taken care that despite the show being youth oriented it is not just about college and campus life which is expected of youth shows but is more than that. The family track and the roots are inherent to the drama."

Haq on Channel V -

"Sadda Haq was a complete experiment in which we again didn't follow the regular story telling format of youth, college romance and all. It is more of a quest of a girl named Sanyukta (Harshita Gaur) who has a dream and pursues it too. She is from a strong patriarchal family but still she chases her dreams, faces the male dominated society to go to college and stands against her challengers. At the same time she is not a tomboy or someone who smokes or drinks, but she is a simple girl who is grounded to her roots. Her character is liked by the audience who feel somewhere connected with her as the main lead. The youth audience too are feeling good maybe because of the storytelling pattern while the older audience too watch it."

"The show has found acceptance from people of all ages. I have a friend who's mother is in her 80's and she watches it without fail. She had seen the promo while watching Veera and she got interested in it. She says she relates to it since when she was young she also had similar dreams but never dared to challenge and pursue it but now she wants her grand-daughters to fight for their rights. One of her granddaughter is working in a bank and is in fact the first girl of the family to go out and work. She has a strong connect to the show and wants girls to make their talent count."

Main Naa Bhoolungi on Sony TV -

"We realized that there was no daily soap thriller so when writer Virendra Shahaney came to us with this concept I found it to be very interesting. There have been shows earlier like Kahin Kisi Roz, Chhal-Sheh Aur Maat but not many recently. Thrillers don't find a place at all in the main stream prime shows so we joined hands to produce it. It is a hard core thriller which has tough competition at the 8 pm slot which has Balika Vadhu, Jodha Akbar and Ek Nanad Ki Khushiyon Ki Chaabi...Meri Bhabhi at the same time on other channels so it was a little tough getting eyeballs but yes we are picking up."

"Main Na Bhoolungi is a finite series and will come to a definite end on 20th of June. The story at this juncture is at a crucial stage with Shikha (Aishwarya Sakhuja) making a comeback to take revenge over Sameer (Vikas Manaktala). She has got a glam make over with an entertaining episode introducing her to look forward to."

What next -

"At the end I can say that we have always tried to break some new grounds with all our shows. On each of our shows we try to be honest to the characters and the situations which makes us the winner.

We have couple of shows in the pipeline but everyone is waiting for the IPL. So post IPL we too will start movement and try to pitch in new shows. We have always tried to bring something new to the table and never followed a trend so do expect something new from us soon."

All the best to the Beyond Dreams team!

Seema Khot Mattoo


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-Drama_Queen- 6 years ago Meri Bhabhi Rocks <3 <3 :D
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Josmi01 6 years ago Sadda haq the best. Harshita u r awesome.
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roshaeldsouza91 6 years ago Jodha akbar rocks..
Love you pari and rajat <3
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BeyondWords 6 years ago Param...sadda hQ... Randhir... Treat to have all three together
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Josmi01 6 years ago Harshita Gaur you are awesome. Love u so much. Sadda haq rocks!!
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Angel- 6 years ago Jodha akbar is the best.
Rajat tokas n paridhi sharma r best forever
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Paridhi Sharma love you as jodha
Rajat Tokas keep rocking as Akbar

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