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"Live and Let Live is my policy"- Vahbbiz Dorabjee

Vahbbiz Dorabjee aka Panchi of Star One's Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani takes up the random Quick Grills this week...

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The vegetable you hate the most: Palak

A scar that you have since your childhood: I have a scar on my right shoulder after I met with an accident when I was in my 10th grade.

Your worst fear: I am not really a water person. I am little scared of the depth of the beaches. Also I am scared of insects

An extracurricular activity that you were active in during your school days: Dancing

An event you consider to be the most important event of your life:
My birthday, God was kind enough to give me this life.

Three exotic countries you like to visit? Maldives, Switzerland and Bali

An advice you always follow: Live and Let Live

Any regrets: Not really because I would like to take them as lessons

What is the first thing you notice about guys?

Their dressing

A household chore you hate to do:

Which bad habits of people drive you crazy?
Being late and disorganized attitude

A product you would love to endorse:

Lux, Loreal or anything to do with clothes

What do you dislike most in your job?

Sometimes people take you for granted and the work is disorganized

If you are given an option to meet a person you very badly want to meet, who would that be?
I would love to meet Aamir Khan

What do you do when you "have nothing to wear, even if your closet is packed?
I just give my parents my shopping list

Reporter and Author: Saranya Valsarajan

Aamir Khan Vahbbiz Dorabjee Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani  Star One 

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hudzi 9 years ago this sounds she is nice straight forward good natured girl
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punaranjani 9 years ago its fabalous nd guys must read it vahbbiz ur very nice i luv u dear
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Billu-Maamma 9 years ago you are too good in pkyek.all your choices are very nice bt aamir khan yuch.
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angelicsweet 9 years ago her answers were so straight forward love you vahbizzz
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Aanya. 9 years ago Aww she's a cutiee! I love Panchi! Not post-leap though...I liked her before :P
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PT_15 9 years ago thanks for sharing i like abha pia they rock
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shivangi278 9 years ago Vahbizz you rockkk!!!!!!
love you as panchi...Smile
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AKDHA_9 9 years ago awsome birdie!!!! aka panchi...love u...awsome interview...btw u look stunning
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Meena_J 9 years ago vahbbiz is an amzing actress ...keep up the gr8 work panchi...ur amzing as piya's sister
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kinny_ranvir 9 years ago loved the interview...she rocks as Panchi...her love with vivian is her personal issue...she is not that bad that she does not deserve vivian...
they rock and they deserve each other...LOVE HER...2011-06-14 10:15:34
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