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"It's a pain to shoot during summers" - Krystle Dsouza

Beautiful Krystle Dsouza tells us how she tries to beat the heat and also talks about her summer plans.

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Summer is here and along with it the rise in mercury which means everyone starts feeling the heat. Our TV celebs too are not spared and here they give tips related to summer and also share what they like and dislike about the summer season.

We got in touch with the beautiful Krystle Dsouza who plays Sakshi in Sony TV's Ek Nayi Pehchaan to talk about the same.Here is Krystle sharing her likes and dislikes about summers...

Do you like anything about summers?

I like wearing shorts and colorful clothes. Also I like the best thing about summers is mangoes. Though they are not good for my skin but I love to eat them regularly.

Summers are meant for... Eating mangoesand for fair people as other people's skin gets tanned easily.

The perfect summer wear for me is... Shots and ganji as I cannot wear full jeans or long dresses. I like to wear colorful clothes in summers as they keep you calm.

Shooting during summer is...A PAIN. Especially when you don't get to wear good clothes instead you have to wear long dresses, sarees also heavy jewelry which sometime itch on the skin and starts irritating you when you have to wear it for the whole day.

Things I carry along during summer... Is my shade, I cannot forget carrying sunscreen along with me, I also carry a perfume and wet tissues along with me in summers.

My favorite summer drink is...Thanda Chaas !! (Buttermilk)

My travel destination during summer is... Anywhere outside India and London would be mostly preferable as it a perfect destination in summer.

My beauty regime during summer is...I don't get time to look for my skin as I have to keep make up for the whole day on shoot but drinking lots of water is important to maintain your skin in summers and I also prefer eating fresh fruits to stay active.

My diet during summer is...I like to have light flavored food like chawal (rice) and curd. I mostly prefer eating fresh fruits and sip juices instead of having heavy food items.

My fitness regime during summer is... Sweating says it all, no need of cardio or any other workout as summer is the season of sweating which helps us to stay fit and away from exercises.

One summer tip for your fans...Have lots of water and don't get out of home before 6pm unless you're fair enough to handle the heat.


Krystle Dsouza Ek Nayi Pehchaan  Sony TV 

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Kryan_SanDhir 6 years ago Krystle Dsouza <3
I will definitely follow this :)
-Aaliya.KryAn- 6 years ago Krystle Dsouza! Heart You are a true beauty.
virika-23 6 years ago love you krystle it is too hot ya reall take care keep rocking
Love_Family 6 years ago Love you Krystle!
Your amazing!
Loved your answers!
RoseWine 6 years ago She is a good actress. But its important to do weights as well as in the heat one may loose the weight but afterwards you will have loose skin if slight weight lifting are not done!
preetivr 6 years ago keep shinning always krysle. love u lots...
asmashaikh16 6 years ago nice article !!!!! love u kd kp rocking...
-Drama_Queen- 6 years ago Love you Krystle Dsouza :D god bless you :)
Ro-001 6 years ago Krystle you rock as Sakshi
Love ENP
sushmakryan 6 years ago love you krystle how you struggle u baby love you so much keep rocking
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