"I love wearing Chaniya Choli" - Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar

The pretty actress Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar talks about her experiences of adapting the Gujarati theme of the show despite she being a Maharashtrian in real life.

The talented actress Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar who is seen in the new season of Sanskaar - Sharohar Apnon Ki on Colors as Dhara comes from a Maharashtrian background in her real life.

TellyBuzz asked Tejaswi about her experience of adapting the Gujarati theme of show and she said, "Well, it was difficult initially because it's not only about talking in Gujarati but also learning that very particular Gujarati accent because in the show I belong to a very small village of Gujarat which has a typical Gujarati accent. It was very difficult to learn in the initial days."

However, Tejaswi now understands the language well and can fluently talk some words in Gujarati, "In the beginning when I use to read the script I used to find it difficult to understand what the words were and meant. I had to go around on the sets asking my co-actors what the words meant and they really helped me in it. That is when I started understanding my script and the mood of it. But now I am getting a hang of it and some typical words like Jai shree Krishna and all I can do it easily."

On when we asked the charming actress if she is comfortable carrying the traditional Gujarati outfit Chaniya choli this is what she had to say, "I love my outfit because I remember in childhood for every Navratri my mother use to buy me a new chaniya choli because I love wearing chaniya choli and now that I am getting to wear it in the show so I am enjoying it a lot and specially the way it is designed. I am just so comfortable wearing it. I think this costume makes me look prettier." (Laughs)

Well Tejaswi, TellyBuzz hopes that you always enjoy in whatever you do and keep entertaining your fans.


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Acumen 5 years ago You are a beautiful talented actress Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar.
Stay Blessed!
monakhan. 9 years ago shopie and malika plus ash look bad and pirinkya and bishapa look pretty and its not reaveling or anYthing!
yyyy 9 years ago Bips dress cant be considered as ugly or revealing one..it looks good on her...

I didnt like ash dress..it didnt suit her a bit

Sophie's dress is the winner...
DancingRani 9 years ago I vote Sophie to be ugly and most revealing :)

PC wasnt sOo bad ii actually liked it :)
Bips wasnt as revealing .. should have shown a picture in the way they thought was more revealing -- if they claim the back was more revealing then they should have included a picture of how the back looked like as well .

Mallika .. let's not go there ..

Aish -- yeahh.. not beautiful .. her fat is all over the place.. ii like her better covered :)

i dont have a problem with people showing their skin off or anything .. but at times its just the limit ..
ROBlicious. 9 years ago
Ash and Bips are not bad they look fine. But PC looks *BARF*
And Mallika is just no words.
** L.U.S.H **
** L.U.S.H ** 9 years ago bips and PC dresses are beautiful and not revealing ...sophie look very vulgar and just gross shes wearing nearly nothing ...ash's dress looks a lil tacky and mallika well i guess thats her style but i dont really like it
Minionite 9 years ago Bipasha and Priyanka are not revealing and the dresses look nice, but Malaika and Aishwariya just look really bad.
mishcutie90 9 years ago bipasha isn't revealing. i think she looks gorgeous but malaika is sick and i ddnt expect tht from aishwarya...its not tht i care if they show skin its jst tht they dnt vn look nice she had too much baby fat
LOVE_DMG 9 years ago i seriously how can they walk out in public like that ? man where is the self respect???

not lookin pretty girls!
MeghaSRKLover 9 years ago all their dresses suck & makes them look funny
i guess as ever mallika takes the no.1 spot for most ugly & most revealing dresses
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