"I laugh when I see myself dancing on Gapuchi Gapuchi Gam Gam in Trishul.": Poonam Dhillon

In a candid chat the pretty actress talks about her earlier films and how youngsters today have lots of opportunities and are well groomed for it too.

Poonam Dhillon was a nubile young thing when she made an entry and soon a mark into the entertainment arena with her first film Trishul. She later charmed her way into the hearts of the audience with popular films and is currently seen as the kind and loving mother-in-law in Sony TV's Ek Nayi Pehchaan.

Due to the very many movie channels on Television these days, it is easy for viewers to catch her earlier films but does she herself watch her own films which come on TV? "I do try to watch them whenever people call or message me about any of my films being shown on TV," smiles the actress. And which are her favorite films? "I have enjoyed working in Sohni Mahiwal, Ek Chaadar Maili si, Sawerewali Gadi, Kasam and of course Noorie. I can see my progress in these films since as a newcomer right from the time when I didn't know the ABC of acting or how to stand in front of the camera to later when I was pretty confident."

She thinks the younger lot she sees today is much more smarter and raring to go, "I see all these new actors today who are so prepared. When I see myself dancing on the song Gapuchi Gapuchi Gam Gam in Trishul, I laugh since I didn't know how to dance. It looks cute on the character in the film but it is so embarrassing."

Getting an opportunity too has become easier is what she feels, "It is easier to get noticed these days since youngsters have so many platforms to present themselves and their talent. The various mediums make it possible for them to reach and connect to people in any part of the world via internet, email, social media but at the same time I feel that the number of aspiring actors have increased in number thus making the competition tougher."

What she finds noteworthy is the appearance of heroines on Television. It has not missed her experienced eye which has noticed how they have maintained themselves so well, "While I know that these girls have to look beautiful but physical fitness too has become most important these days. I see all of them giving so much attention to it that they all can be physical instructors since they are all that good."

Poonam with her pretty face and sweet smile herself looks young even now, "I feel during my time I was blessed since I was always thin. It also helped being an athlete and gymnast in school. However, these days every girl is taking care to stay fit and look good which is a nice thing."

Maybe the positive energy is what makes the glowing Poonam Dhillon more likeable with every day passing.

Seema Khot Mattoo


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Ro-001 6 years ago You will be remembered even after a century

Keep doing great work maam!
starsshinex 6 years ago Loving you in Ek Nayi Pehchaan Poonam Ji. You are always a wonderful celebrity!
_mahi_ 6 years ago I love your show Poonam ji Smile its such a unique show.. I really hope to have a MIL like Sharda if I ever have any Smile
-Trishh- 6 years ago Loving u in Ek Nayi Pechaan!!! This is quite a unique serial u have taken up. U r so humble and beautiful even today
pallavi25 6 years ago Poonam, you were beautiful in Noorie, Sohni Mahiwal, Baseraa etc. and you are still beautiful! Love your graceful charm in the new show as the motherly saas!
kriti68 6 years ago Love your bonding with yous son karan n also with ur bahu sakshi:-)..keep up the gr8 work mam..lots of love :-):-)
preetivr 6 years ago respect u madam. liking the innocence , ignorance, cuteness yet loving motherly figure played by poonam ji
baranya 6 years ago You are a true star. Good luck with ENP.
Ro-001 6 years ago You were a star and you are a star who will remain in our hearts forever

You are doing a fantastic job In Ek Nayi Pehchaan!
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