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"I feel a sense of freedom in being a Bachelor"- Ankit Narang

TellyBuzz brings to you the Eligible Bachelors column with Ankit Narang who believes that love is an extra- ordinary feeling in every individual’s life.

The talented and handsome actor Ankit Narang who is seen in the show Pavitra Rishta on Zee TV, is very much single but not ready to mingle at the moment as his only focus currently is his work. So today he is on the hot seat of our Eligible Bachelor Column.

Let's see what Ankit has to share with us...

Being single, are you ready to mingle?

No, I am not ready to mingle as I am not looking for love right now. My work doesn't give me that much time for being in a relationship and I actually don't want time to be in one. I am happy in a healthy relationship with my work.

What is the first thing you notice in a girl?

It would be her entire face.

What's the one thing that puts you off the most in a girl?

Constant illogical talks and body odor.

How do you want your dream girl to be like?

There is actually no specific type. If I like someone even if she has flaws its ok with me. As far as I love her flaws it doesn't matter. We all have flaws. Everything else is ordinary but love has to be extra ordinary.

Being a bachelor, how does it feel?

I feel a sense of freedom in being a Bachelor. The good part of being single is that you have to only thinking about yourself, your interests, your likes and the bad part is you have to do all the household chores alone right from cooking to cleaning to everything. (Laughs) The best part is you are the king of your own life and you don't have to answer anyone. Responsibilities are less. You are mostly okay with whatever you are earning. Also you can check out girls without being guilty about it. (Laughs)

A woman you admire the most?

My mother. I have no words to express my love for her. But I just want to make her feel like a princess... I mean if I had it my way then I would give her the world on the platter. Palak jhapakte sab acha ho unke liye... If she has to go through something bad then the bad should come to me first. Looking at her I can stand for the fact that being a house wife is the most difficult job in this whole world and now I have understood the reason why women today don't want to be a housewife. Because yeh sabki bas ki baat nahi.

If you could mix a Hollywood actress and a Bollywood actress to create your dream girl, then who would you choose?

I want a prettier combination I would say.

If there was a matrimony or a dating ad for you, what would it read like?

An actor looking for a girl who understands acting.


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Patrarekha 6 years ago wish you get a better offer than this crap pr
SilverBell 6 years ago I Love His Answers. His Awsome. and Cool.
Ashlaika 6 years ago All the best Ankit!

Ure a good actor, just being short changed in PR! :)
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