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"I consider Sonu Ji as God of Music" -Sahiti G

Sahiti G, the latest evict of Sony TV's X Factor India shares her life in the show...

Though not a well trained singer, Sahiti G from Sonu Nigam's team showcased excellent performances in Sony TV's  X Factor India.

But seems like luck did not support her during last week's face-off round against Sajda Sisters...

In a small chat with TellyBuzz, Sahiti expressed her feelings...


Sanjay Leela Bhansali said it is the saddest moment in X Factor.
Since every judgment is based on voting, there are better singers who are getting eliminated. Had I got one more chance, I would have really worked hard as I would like to take singing as my profession.

What were the learning experiences in X Factor India?
I just have the base of Carnatic Music and I do not do Riyaaz regularly. But after participating in this show, I have started the regular Riyaaz after which I can present better.

What has been your memorable performance in X Factor India?
There are actually three performances that are really memorable. The Hawa Hawaai performance, Aazma Luck performance after which Sanjay sir gifted me the rose and Aa Re Aaja Nindiya Tu which is Sonu Ji's favourite song.

There is only one more contestant left from Sonu Nigam's team. What would you like to comment?
Yes now the whole responsibility is on Seema and I know she can do it.

What are you taking from the stage of X factor India?
I am taking the sweet memories and the great experience that I received from here. I am so glad that I was not discriminated as a South Indian and they all treated me like one among them.

You have taken a break from your job, was it an easy task to convince your parents for the show?
Actually they always wanted me to be a singer.

How is their response now?
They did not expect this to happen, but they are fine.

How was the experience getting mentored by Sonu Nigam?
I cannot express it in words because he is that brilliant and every time he sings, I feel like touching his feet. I consider him the God of music.

What do you think that was lacking in the face-off performance?
I think my song was dynamically strong but Sajda Sisters' was a classical one. So I guess I should have been a little careful about it.

Who is your greatest support in singing?
My dad.

What would you like to say to Seema as she is the only one remaining in your team now?
I would like to say that I will be there with her supporting her and will also do a voting campaign for her. She is my best friend in the show and I always treat her as my little sister.

Reporter and Author: Saranya Valsarajan





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miggie 9 years ago very sad u were eliminated, good luck for your future, and you are 100% right...Sonu Nigam is the GOD of music.
K.S. 9 years ago Hai! Sahiti, we r very proud dat u r a telugu girl.
saru.g 9 years ago love u sahithi... really I feel proud seeing u on x-factor... its always glad to see our south indian singers on stage... u r very good singer... I hope I can see u as very good n famous play back singer in the coming future... all the best...
Sillykitty 9 years ago Is this THING.. kidding? God of music? In what way?
bahi. 9 years ago i'm realy sad that you got eliminated yesterday. but you're so lucky that you got Sonu as your mentor.. wish it was me.
premaprema 9 years ago sahiti gud to hear shez in x-factor now its realy bad time cozz shez eliminated i feel glad to say tat we r frm da sam district n met her 1's realy i jus feel proud of her because being a 1 4rm south could reach to dis stage in s biggest reality show like x-factor..i wish her a very all da best for her future
yipee 9 years ago this was a really very sad elimination...she was in my top 5 of the show for sure...all the best for ur future Sahiti
HaHaHeHe-Hupp 9 years ago Ofcourse he is but u are nowhere now. So sad to see ur eviction.
chweetu 9 years ago Haan..most deserving people..always..eliminated from a reality show..hell y??She is one consistent n most talented singer..anyways..she can have d future as a playback singer as her voice is honey-made..all d best sahithi..
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