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"I am blessed to play Rukmini"- Priya Bhatija

TellyBuzz in conversation with Priya Bhatija who plays the gorgeous Rukmini in Dwarkadheesh - Bhagwaan Shree Krishna

Priya Bhatija could undoubtedly be called as the chosen one as she is playing one of the most prominent characters in the Indian mythology. She is playing Rukmini in Imagine's Dwarkadheesh - Bhagwaan Shree Krishna.

There are only a few blessed ones who are as lucky as her. Let us hear it from Priya what she really feels portraying such an spic character.

How is it playing your first role in a Mythological show?
This is my first mythological show and I am completely enjoying the role.

What are the preparations that you did for the role?
Actually I did not really know about the proper history of Krishna and Rukmini. Hence I read about she being the Avtar of Laxmi and how she was the first wife of Krishna etc. There are very few television shows that actually showed the life of Sri Krishna.

Have you seen the performance of Channa Ruparal in the earlier Mahabharata?
Not really.

What challenges are you facing while portraying Rukmini?
The only challenge that I faced initially was the pronunciation of the Sanskrit words that were incorporated in the dialogues. But today I am used to it. Another main challenge for me is to carry the heavy costume and jewellery that I wear every day. I feel that I am getting ready for my marriage every day. But at the end of the day I am glad that I look mind blowing on screen.

Doing a mythological role does not fall into everyone's kitty. You are one of the lucky ones.
Yes, I am the chosen one in this regard and I am glad that lot have been invested in the show for its best execution.

What are the traits where you can relate to Rukmini?
Frankly speaking, I have not really much thought about it. Priya is subtle like Rukmini, but at the same time her reaction depends on the situation.

A memorable moment from the show?
All the moments with Vishal (Vishal Karwal), Hemant (Hemant Chadha) and Gauri (Gauri Harmit Kaur) are memorable. People on the sets pamper me by giving me chocolates every day. I remember when I fell ill initially, Vishal bought nice chocolates for me.

What were the learning experiences from the role and the show?
For me every day is a learning experience. From the past six years I have been learning every hour and every minute. When you work with different directors, there will be a lot to learn.

You have already worked with Imagine before. How has the association been?
I have worked with Imagine earlier during Basera and Baba Aiso Varr Dhundo. It's like coming back home where I met my old friends.

How spiritual are you in real?
I do believe in God, but I am not that kind of a person who always goes to the temple and pray. I pray by heart.

How is the experience shooting in Baroda?
It is really hot here but at the same time I am getting some time for myself. I reach within 20 minutes back to my room which was impossible in Mumbai. Initially I felt a little weird about this, but I am enjoying that as well.

Do you miss the buzz of Mumbai?
Yes, of course I do miss it very badly.

What is the routine that you have there?
I get up in the morning and by 9:30 I am on the sets for shoot. In the evening I reach by 9:30 and I make it a point to watch my episode after freshening up. There is a repeat telecast that is shown after the normal time.

Being in Baroda what do you miss more?
I miss all my friends and family, the vada pav, pav baji and all the food there. Here we get dhoklas and khakhras.

You really have loud and colourful attire, does it take a long time to get dressed up and are you feeling comfortable?
It nearly takes almost an hour to get dressed up. Though it is heavy, I am really happy that I am looking really beautiful in the attire.

What was the reaction of your parents when they came to know that you are going to play Rukmini?
They were really happy and my father said you are blessed to play Rukmini.

What would you like to tell your fans?
I would like you to watch the show because we are not showing a fiction story here. There is a lot of study that has gone into it. Kindly watch the show.

Reporter and Author: Saranya Valsarajan


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bavdfan 9 years ago she is very beautiful and from what i've seen until know she would be perfect in this type of mythological play.
sanw 9 years ago good to see priya back again & that too in a mythological story!!!! her get up is going to be so different from what we have seen her!!!!!!!!!!!
Bhavaani 9 years ago I think Priya is doing a good job...her looks fit the bill, and her initial problem with pronunciation is being overcome. You can tell she's giving it her 100%
Aww sweet to hear about Vishal giving her chocolates :)
ridhithakur 9 years ago awsom work priya u suprbly act as rukmini,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Mishh007 9 years ago she looks great as Rukmini. but she has to work on her diction...
best wishes for future...
Shaina_b 9 years ago She is great as Rukmini!!!!!

kinny_sid_fan 9 years ago u look cute as Rukmini...but need to improve little more dear to look the best
laduprav 9 years ago we love her act.
she do it excellently.
-aweshome_moi- 9 years ago Dunno abt the show;but she looks really pretty!!
sitakshii 9 years ago i am not impressed by her performance in the show..expression and enthusiasm lacking from her face honestly speaking.
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