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At the moment my favourite one is Narsico Rodriegz which I just got from Spain.


Q-Your name sounds sweet and beautiful. What does Koena mean?
A- First of all, thanks so much for the compliment. My mother’s name is Krishna, which is the name of a river. Koena is the tributary, which is born out of that river.

Q-How do you stay fit?

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A-It’s a combination of a good balanced diet accompanied by exercises. For me it’s walking, swimming or playing any kind of sport. Fitness is the best formula to look good and feel good.

Q-Very few people are aware that you are a good make-up artist too. Do you do your own make-up?
A-I have been groomed under top make-up artists like Bharatji( From Bharat and Dorris) and that helped me to learn a lot about this art. I love applying ‘kajal’, which gives a glow to your eyes. But I still take my make up man to my shoots.

Q-What’s your favourite perfume?
A-At the moment my favourite one is Narsico Rodriegz which I just got from Spain.

Q- Your favourite car?
A- I like big jeeps and SUVs like Lexus.

Q-Your favorite holiday destination?
A-I am not so much of a holiday person. I only travel while shooting. Recently I had a schedule in Spain. I liked Barcelona very much.

Of course Bachchan sahab. I also like Salman a lot. Kajol is a good actress. Even Madhuri had done real memorable roles.


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