Pulkit Samrat on the Counter attack!!

Pulkit Samrat clears the air regarding alleged reapproachment with Ekta Kapoor..

Pulkit Samrat who had a major show down with his ex–mentor Ekta Kapoor is an angry man. He blames Balaji for a recent article where it was alleged that he had approached Ekta for settlement. "This is a complete hogwash as I have been away from Mumbai for the past many days, hence there is no chance for me to have even visited the Balaji office".

Pulkit goes on, "The production house is purposely floating these kind of stories to malign my reputation so that people might think that I have given up. Why should I abandon a just fight? Many other people are also quietly supporting me".

However, he does not deny that he would prefer an out of court settlement. "But it always takes two to tango. Even before I went to court, I tried my best to meet Ekta and thrash things out, but to no avail. What really hurt me was that this smear camping was started by them long back even when I was still working in Kyunki. They then had spread rumors that I was working for other production houses in their time. I then had no other option but to move court against the mythical exclusive contract which the court has upheld. What really took the cake was the counter case they filed against me. Tell me who would steal Balaji set clothes? No cloth less person would want to wear them", argues the young lad.

Would you work with Ekta again? "No ways, I can’t tolerate Balaji’s working condition! In fact they have been after me to do one of their upcoming shows with Anita Hasandani as well. It's quite sad that such a big producer is stooping to such low harassment tricks. But I am happy for I believe that after my action, she appears to be a bit defensive".

For the moment Pulkit is looking at a number of projects. "I may end up doing a chocolate boy image lead role in a film soon. As regard reality shows, he would not mind singing, but not dancing for “I don’t want to torture the audience", he ended.

Author: Anil Merani

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Pulkit Samrat

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can tellybuzzz give us an update how wht pulkits doing these dayss!! his fans would love to know

13 years ago

Yes ,I love Pulkit!!!

I wish he could have come back to Kyunki..... but no chance of it now!!!

I wish he wins the case!!

He is definately like Rajeev...he will not become a puppet in Ekta's hand!!!

16 years ago

Yes I love Pulkit Even thought I dunt think there is any chance of him ever coming back in Kyunki. :(

Seriously, he's been treated so badly! God! :@ :@!!

Pulkit is def liek another rajeev! They've both inspried others to not become puppets in others hands :)

16 years ago

Wishing that he wins the case and makes way for other actors and aspiring actors to understand that actors are not mere puppets in the hands of the producers.

16 years ago

I know and i'm proud to stand on his side....no matter what......

16 years ago

i am totally agree wid u....
Ekta's all show is same.....

16 years ago

gud luck to him

i cant believe ekta cud be so evil...

well pulkit i hope u all the luck...

pepz shudnt bow down to ekta jst becoz she is the 'queen of soaps' or whatever... it takes alot of guts to do what he is doing ... again all the best

16 years ago

pulkit is another rajeev.... What is ekta is thinking yes agreed that she is the queen of soaps. but i dont think she has made any outstanding shows....the story of all k seriel is 90% same...only the charactors r different

16 years ago

hey thats so cute... didnt knew he was still firm on his stand...could have supported him.. saw him yesterday.. he looks awesome... but hes short didnt know tht.. looked really hot in his white shirt... muuuaaahhhhhhh

16 years ago

awww poorr chappppp srsly i think he has taken right decesion .....old bets pulkit

16 years ago

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