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Promos of Laado in trouble?

Few organizations had raised objections on the disturbing promos aired of the new COLORS' show on female infanticide, Na Aana Is Desh Laado..

Published: Tuesday,Mar 10, 2009 12:51 PM GMT-06:00
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The new offering of COLORS, 'Na Aana Is Desh Laado' has just started yesterday and the show is already in controversy with its promo airing on the channel, wherein few organizations have raised questions on it.

Promos of Laado in trouble?
As we know, the show focuses on female infanticide. "The promo shows shocking scenes of a girl child being immersed in a big bowl of milk, with the hope that the same child would be reborn the next year as a boy. These scenes were really disturbing to the eyes. Hence few organizations had raised their voice against this to the channel", says our khabroo.

We called up Shyamashis Bhattacharya of Shakuntalam Telefilms to know the truth, and he says, "There are no such controversies as far as I know. The promos portray the true picture and I know we need to present it in a lighter manner and we are planning for the same".

Will there be such scenes in the show too? "As I said the show talks about female infanticide and the fact is that such practices are still on in some places. There will be such scenes shown in the show, but not so horrifying that it hurts the sentiments of people. One needs to keep a continuity of the show to understand what message we want to pass on to the audience. All I can say is that Laado is a positive show", he adds.

However, as per our khabroo, "The channel did get calls raising questions on their promo, but now things are solved. Above all, as the show has launched there will be new promising promos shown of the show".

For the uninitiated, the other COLORS' show Uttaran too faced problems during its launch, and that was to do with the title of the show, which got cleared just weeks back.

We could not get any official comment on this from the channel though..

Whatever it is, even though the promos were bit disturbing, it seems as though it has caught the eye of the viewers. Now let's wait and see what verdict is passed by audience on the show!!

Reporter and Author: Rachana Trivedi

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Shruti @shruti 14 years ago The promo''s were disturbing. Even though India has progressed sadly there are still some ppl who still discriminate b/w a girl & boy child.
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nightwalker @nightwalker 14 years ago @ talkativetaurus - i agree wid u tht its a bold step of colours to cum up wid a bold concept like dis but my point is tht shows like BV n dese advertise demselves as tools of social change. but can de BV producers actually cum in public n proudly say tht 1 yr back de cases of child marriage ws 100 n now after our show it has become, say atleast, 90.like sami01 said de nook n corner of india where things like female infanticide stil prevails mustnt even be havin electricity n dis de place wherein de producers talk abt gettin a change.n whom r dey xpectin a change frm de urbanites who juz flip channels 4 entertainment n r too busy t reach out 2 dese villages n bringin a change. or dey xpectin a change frm de middle who r again too busy fulfillin dere basic needs. or de poor ppl who get reminded of dere own miseries by seeing such shows. my question is do dese show really do wht dey promise 2 do - do dey really bring a social change or dey juz actin like de goodwill ambassadors of a bright india in dis rat race of trps.BV is right now de no1 show of all channels so basically de inner motive of de producers is achieved but de outer motive whch dey show off 2 de public is still lyin in de same place where it many years ago even b4 our independence.wake up guys! derez no social chnage happenin, dere r juz talks abt it n nuthin else. n abt dese social ngos who hv risen questions against de promos den i must a BIG GOOD MORNING 2 DEM, n de show is already on-air!!!wht a laugh!!!
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Shanti @shanti05 14 years ago Very disturbing !! How can they show something like that I really hope they do somthing abt this espically if they want people to watch this in this century they better change the way they want to promote the show
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Devashree @devashree_h 14 years ago The promos were really depressing for everyone in my house.And the saddest part that they have shown in the show is that a woman is the reason of the female infanticides.
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apus fan @sami01 14 years ago i was so disturbed by promos i had caught it on colors youtube channel at midnight , i felt like puking , i dont think its that big issue in our country , tragedy is if its being practiced somewhere in inida, am sure there is absolutely no electricty and i dont think in villages people sit o catch show at 10 30 , am upset with colors ...very disapointing , first they glorify child marriage in name of giving education , now this , gosh another show on forcing boys to marry by abducting them is coming on colors too god bless this channel they are too much
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LOST SOUL @chimuli 14 years ago every 1 is after female topics...........
they r hungry 4 trps.............
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Sadi Patel @ArmaansGirl 14 years ago OMG! drowiingin in milk so dat she can b born as a boy? whoa! dats intense..i hvnt seen da promos..thnx gawd,..but it seems lyk a new typ of show...gud 2 kno dat sum shows dese dyz r arousing such topics..! :D 1st balika vadhu,nanhi pari,etc... female topic.s.intersting..but i till dnt kno hwo pplz could kill a girl so dat she can b reborn as boy..pplz could b cruel..n yes..its still happens it sum prts of india i think...but 1stly..it used 2 b alot in Arabia loooooooooooooooooong tym ago,..b4 islam..where dey used 2 kill dere daughters cuz dey wnted sons! :( Horriyfing! :( w/out women..no men would b dere...how can dey even think lyk daT? disgusting brutal! :( its scry!
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Vijay Bhatter @vijay 14 years ago Firstly I would surely like to know that in which part of India it is still practiced and how widely its spread? Going by this logic we would soon be seeing some show on Tribals too as they also still exists in some part of India. (Oops I just gave another original idea...)

I agree with others who said that now we are seeing a flood of shows with similar theme after the success of Balika Vadhu and every director says that their show is very different.

And lastly I wanted to say that I was really disturbed after seeing the promo that a group of men burying a small kid alive.

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Kruthika @CarulinaTina 14 years ago ever since BV started this theme, ppl just cant stop copying... its so annoying, now they r just overdoing it.
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~*puja*~ @~*puja*~ 14 years ago i agree with you togepe...

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