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PromoReview: Nakuul Mehta's 'Gangster Newton' will make you rack your 'Brains' in a funny way!

When Maths and Science meets Underworld..


Actor Nakuul Mehta, who is popular for his stint as Shivaay in 'Ishqbaaaz', has also presented to us, the content-driven and bold web series, 'I Don't Watch TV.'

We reported about Nakuul, along with friend and actor Alekh Sangal all set to present their second project, 'Gangster Newton.' And now, the wait has ended as the teaser-trailer of the show is out.

Doing the unimaginable, the show amalgamates 'Maths' and 'Science' with 'Underworld.' Oh Yes! So, here we are, analyzing what is the show about and how is it going to look like-

What is it?

We are directly introduced to the rural setting of a city which appears to be Mumbai. With an edge-of-the-seat background score, which takes you back to the classic gangster films, we see a skinny boy running like a chicken trying to escape from some goons.

With some fabulous scenes showcasing perspective distortion treatment of camera, the panting boy barges into a door and locks it. Worried and scared, the boy is trying to find out a way to defend himself from the goons.

The goons finally reach and break into his house. The leader asks the boy if he is Newton. The boy, after initially refusing, agrees that he is Newton in the photograph but not right now, as he is standing in a meter square.

Just when the goon is perplexed and looks at his colleagues, Newton (Shashank Arora) snatches the gun to point it at the leader himself. He then smirks and tells that he is Pascal now.

After explaining how Newton becomes Pascal and the mix of Maths, Science, and Underworld, he turns out to be none other than Gangster Newton himself.

What's Good?

The rural setting and the chase sequence along with hilariously amazing perspective distortion treatment of camera makes it a treat in itself. While you are thrilled with the 'eventful' occurrences, you also have a smile looking at a nerd standing up against the goons.

When you incorporate fun with thrill, it just cannot get any better. In a matter of few seconds, we are enlightened with the fact that this nerdy-looking guy's transformation to a gangster is uncanny. From having the thought of a pencil attached to the compass as a tool to defend himself to putting a meter square boundary, you are bound to laugh and applaud it.

The idea about Maths and Science meeting Underworld deserves applause. The novelty of the concept is what makes it a worthy watch.

Shashank Arora totally impresses us and his talent (for confirmation, see Titli' and Rock On 2') is nothing that we are unaware of.

The Pop Culture fanatics may have a blast. From the 'Pascal' ringing in 'Narcos' reference to the font treatment of the show's name as a Quentin Tarantino-meets-Marvel, it's a lot of fun.

What's Not-So-Good?

We thought about how the 'meter square' scene may not be understood by many and that it should be clear, but on second thoughts, it's a teaser. A teaser is presented to tease and give one a rough idea and not disclose it all!

The Verdict

In a complete contrast to 'I Don't Watch TV', 'Gangster Newton' is a new ball game for Nakuul, Alekh and the other people associated with it. Maths and Science with the touch of underworld seems an alluring treat and we can be rest assured that this 'encounter' is not going to be a fatal one.

Rating - ****1/2 (4.5/5)

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--geny-- 2017-03-08T01:37:08Z Good luck Nakuul Mehta!
Intriguing, terrific trailer!!
NeanderthalGirl 2017-03-07T21:07:02Z So excited for Gangster Newton!!!
Nakuul Mehta u r amazing!!!! Love u!!!
Larae 2017-03-07T16:51:00Z Loved the teaser, producer saab ;) Wishing you the best in all your endeavours Nakuul Mehta
Captainswan1 2017-03-07T10:04:51Z Good Luck to Nakuul Mehta on his new project. Ishqbaaaz rocks.
Shaina_b 2017-03-07T08:21:32Z The teaser was hilarious!!!!

The Pascal thing hits you and you are like "O God"!!!!

PaYa_Shivika 2017-03-07T06:25:53Z Nakuul is a multi-talented artist.Am sure his new venture #GangsterNewton which is a mixture of Science+underworld gonna rock it like his previous Amazing webseries #iDontWatchTV.

Love you Nakuul Mehta.Keep shining.
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