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#PromoReview: Alt Balaji's CYBERSQUAD incorporates the JOKER with its own twist!

The show is a level up from the regular teen investigative dramas we have seen so far on television.


Alt Balaji, off late, has set high limits with its experimentative content. With shows like Dev DD, Romil and Jugal among others to their credit, Alt Balaji has been the talk of the digital space ever since its launch a few months ago.  

And their next offering Cybersquad ups the ante by introducing the archetypal villain who stands in imitation of The Joker, in their series. They have also used the popular Hollywood standard of placing street criminals who wear masks and costumes of superheroes to cover-up their identities, making a complete mockery of the 'saviour' image.  

The first promo of the show is out now and here is an analysis of the same.

What is the promo about?

The promo starts with a girl blocking someone from her social media account, but soon after, her facebook account is hacked and a few details, along with an MMS of this particular girl is circulated in her entire school.

A group of friends KD (Rohan Shah), Rocky, Tia and Uzi decide to get to the root of this hacker and thus begins the cat and mouse game between the hacker and the group.

After successfully helping out many cyber crime victims, these super hackers fall prey to the very hacker that they are battling. But things get completely out of hand when...

a 'Joker' enters.

How will they combat the hacker?

What we liked:

While we have seen many teen investigative series in the past, Cybersquad offers its audience an edge over the rest of the teen dramas, with convincing/ legit looking technology and the Joker twist.

What we did not like:

The voice over used in the promo gives the viewers Savdhaan India feels, that we do not need.

Also, the show can lose points if their Joker trump card fails to work its magic.


The show's concept has a thrill and an edge. From the promos, the show also looks a little different from the teen investigative dramas that we have seen so far on television. But there are slight chances of the show not working if hardcore Joker shippers take offence to the concept.

Ratings: ***1/2 (3.5 stars)

Catch the trailer here:


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FreedomOfSpeech 3 years ago Joker ko bhi bakshne nahi diya ekta maiyya ROFL suicide squad to cyber squad :/
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