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Priyanka Chopa comes to hubby Nick’s rescue: Reacts over Dad-Bod Trolls, Age Gap and more

It's not been a smooth ride for the couple, thanks to the Trolls...


Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas tied the knot on December 2018 and have been happily married for seven months now. However, it's not been a smooth ride for the couple as they had to face some merciless trolls every now and then. Right from the age gap of 10 years between the two lovers to PeeCee’s controversial birthday, the duo has been under the eagle eye for the longest time. 

It was during Priyanka’s yacht party, where husband Nick was spotted shirtless which sparked deliberation online. The singer got noticed for his “love handles” or “dad pack” as he sported white swimming trunks while taking a shower, and was also trolled online for the same.

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In a recent interview with ET Online, Priyanka opened up on these online trolls. On being asked about her reaction to fans trolling Nick over his dad-bod seen during her birthday vacation in Miami last month, she said, “I’m really not someone who concerns myself with people’s opinions. I’m kind of like the ‘live your life your way’ kind of girl and I think so is he. And if people can find something to say about Nick’s body, God help us.” 

The Desi Girl also opened up about the much-talked age gap between her and hubby Jonas. She revealed that she married in her 30s because she didn't find the right guy. "I took choices in my life where my career mattered to me and I didn't find the right guy. So I had to make sure that that pressure isn't the end-all and be-all," she said.

Furthermore, the 37-year-old actress spilled some beans about her ‘perfect husband’. She said that Nick always insists to look at her face every morning. She said, “It’s actually really annoying, but he insists on looking at my face when I wake up. I’m just like, ‘Wait one minute. Let me just go get a little mascara on, let me put on my moisturizer. I’m, like, sleepy-eyed face right now, but he’s just ... it’s amazing and super sweet.”

“That’s what you want your husband to do. But it’s also, like, a little awkward. OK. He’s like, ‘Let me stare at you, you aren’t even conscious yet.’ Like, literally, I’m not even, I’m not joking. It’s really wonderful, “ she added.

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Nick recently flew to Georgia for the next leg of the Happiness Begins tour and was spotted facetiming wifey Priyanka. The 26-year-old singer posted the picture on his Instagram and captioned it, “I can’t believe @jackgorlin actually caught this moment. Just a few minutes before taking the stage tonight in Atlanta tonight FaceTiming my beautiful wife @priyankachopra while getting a good luck rose from my nieces Alena and Valentina. #HappinessBeginsTour.”

Courtesy : Instagram

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