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Asthmatic Priyanka Chopra Caught Smoking, Fans Call her Hypocrite

Priyanka Chopra Trolled for Smoking despite Suffering from Asthama; Fans call her Hypocrite...


It was not long ago that Priyanka Chopra opened up about suffering from asthma. But, looks like the actress who was running a "no smoking" and a "no cracker' Diwali last year forgot to practice what she has been preaching.

Recently, she was spotted smoking a cigarette on a yacht while her mother Madhu Chopra and husband Nick Jonas were smoking a Cigar during her birthday celebrations.

Within no time her photo went viral on social media and as always netizens left no stone unturned to troll the global icon.

For those unaware, last year, Priyanka had collaborated with a brand for an ad campaign to educate the people about asthma and spread awareness and promote active medical assistance against the chronic disease. The actress also revealed that she was diagnosed with asthma at the age of 5, but that did not stop her from achieving the highs in her career.

Now, netizens are criticising the PeeCee for being a "hypocrite" and "fake". Fans also dug out an old tweet from 2010 in which Priyanka wrote, "Smoking is awful!!! Yuck!!!"

The actress, who had supported an anti-pollution campaign during Diwali, was also called out for enjoying fireworks during her wedding in December last year.

One user tweeted: "So sweet - Priyanka Chopra trying to cure the asthma she developed on Diwali." Another said, "Dear Indians please don't burst crackers for Diwali since Priyanka Chopra has Asthma."

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Shonasyl 2019-07-22T07:21:28Z They are all hypocrite. sad thing is young girl idolize these hypocrite stars.
Cshafkat 2019-07-22T04:36:47Z If you seriously start to idolize film stars, then you're in for a lot of disappointment. They make a living out of "acting". You know what that means? Pretending to be someone they're not. That's what earns them their living. So keeping that in mind, we need to stop treating them like they're a group of noble souls trying to make this world a better place. All they care about is themselves. These film stars are nothing but hypocrites. I remember about 6 years ago Priyanka said that she would never do item songs as she finds them cheap. Next thing you see, she did that cheap item song in Shootout At Wadala. I was once a naive kid who used to idolize these stars. Thank God I finally realized how stupid it is to idolize hypocrites.
Bharathi_gurti 2019-07-22T03:23:00Z First of all treat an actor like one!!..these women are not role.models in any way!! Just think before taking them as everything..ignore these people and thier advice..let them be actors and let us be real women!! Smoking had become one of a gender equality drink and smoke .,no one comments but when women smoke everyone has a say about it.. good!! Say so! This is how modernized and empowered women think nowadays...but least they knew is we have uterus,cervix and we are more prone to carcinomas more than men..are we ready to see this at this angle!!!
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