Priyal Gor had a messy time over eggs

Mona aka Priyal Gor of Zee TV’s, freshly launched show Ram Milaayi Jodi had a tough time making Egg Bhurji on sets...

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Priyal Gor the charming and vivacious female lead of Zee TV's freshly launched show, Ram Milaayi Jodi being a pure vegetarian in real life; recently had a messy time with eggs on the show.

One can surely imagine the state of a pure vegetarian person who cannot stand the smell of eggs had to endure not one, not two but as many as a dozen eggs for a recent shoot.

On a similar note playing Punjabi kudi Mona with aplomb, Priyal was required to really get into the skin of the character and be seen cooking and relishing a piping hot plate of anda bhurji.

While the director relieved her of the agony of devouring the dish by throwing in a similar-looking vegetarian substitute, there was no escaping the act of breaking an egg and cooking the bhurji on a tawa(pan).

So there she was poor Priyal, pretending to relish the aroma of freshly cooked eggs while she was practically on the verge of fainting out of nausea.

When contacted, Priyal asserted, "It was horrible! As if smelling eggs wasn't bad enough, a little bit of the egg batter stuck to my hair. I shampooed my hair twice that day with an extra dose of conditioner!"

May be Priyal couldn't recollect that Shampoos too have a certain percentage of eggs in it.

Author: Pooja Shenoy     

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nicksnr 10 years ago if sara replaced priyal in ram milaye jodi my friends n family member will stop watching RMJ Forever...
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-Preeti- 10 years ago this show is aaverage .... has to pick up with good scripts
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Chandni- 10 years ago VEGI like ME

I cant stand the smell or sight of Eggs

Hi5 Priyal
Love ur acting ur amzing
love to see ur improve and make it big
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chullbulli 10 years ago calizgurl..it is not that she is saying that non veg is disgusting it is just that being a veg u just can't stand it. anyways jain people can't even smell onions...it is their way of life and we shud respect that..
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calizgurl 10 years ago whtever!!! this is jus stupid its not like she had to eat it making it seem like egss or non veg thngs are disgusting and gross. Go get a life!!!
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ammyridz600 10 years ago oh being a veg also i pity u , its really hard .likes u in ram milayi jodi ,u r very cute.
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beetaurus 10 years ago Oh, Poor Mona, it is not that bad. I am surprised she did not know shampoo has eggs in it. Now I know your real name as I have not seen the credits before. I have seen three episodes of this show and I have started liking it.
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Khaira09 10 years ago wht a big baby are you seriuos i hate this chicks acting i swear and then how dumb shampoo does have eggs!!! and it is not tht seriuos my mom is a pure veggie and she is still gonna cook the food for us!!!!
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shivani003 10 years ago Lol! Hahahaahahaah. Acting ke liye I guess aisi cheezein karni padti hai
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xx-Rai-xx 10 years ago its ok Priyal
everything is fair in acting
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