Priya Bhatija, the perfect home maker..

Priya Bhatija Shah sees happiness in managing her home and cooking for her husband...


Priya Bhatija Shah, the actress has now turned into the perfect home maker after her marriage to Jatin Shah.

Says the actress, "I re-did our entire house starting with painting and interior designs soon after marriage. I am now spending much of my time in the kitchen, cooking for Jatin. Mama (Jatin's mother) helped me a lot in setting up my home; she was here with us for nearly one month. I am trying my hand at various dishes; Jatin simply loves the Dry Fruit Custard I prepare. He needs that everyday now (laughs)".

Priya also manages to surprise Jatin at his shoot spot. "He was doing a night shoot and was to return only the next day. So I decided to surprise him by taking food to the sets. I had made parathas for the entire unit, and we had a gala time in between shoot", quips the dutiful wife.

Priya with her sheer love and care achieved the impossible too from her hubby, as she made Jatin enter a kitchen after 28 long years. "Jatin hates kitchen, and has never got into a kitchen in his life. Surprisingly, one morning, he got up early and made me a cup of tea. I was so shocked when I saw him standing with a tray in his hand (laughs). The tea was very sweet just like him and I was glad that he made it for me. But there was a twist in the tale, as he had turned the kitchen upside down to make just two cups of tea. You would not believe it, but the kitchen was completely in mess. He had used four vessels, one had chai patti in it. One had sugar, the other had cold milk and finally he had used the fourth utensil to make tea. I simply yelled at him and told him not to enter my kitchen again", verbalizes Priya.

The couple has not yet taken an off for their honeymoon. "We will be going for a short holiday next month. But we have planned a honeymoon package in the month of November to Thailand, Bangkok and many other places", concludes Priya.

Well, wishing this sweet couple all success in the years to come..  

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh


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chahat4u 11 years ago THATS JUST TOO ROMANTIC N SWEET. WISHING THE COUPLE ALL THE BEST.2009-06-11 13:33:40
priyapiya 11 years ago How sweet Of Jatin...
But him making the Kitchen upside down....
Who managed to clean the Kitchen up afterward???2009-06-09 08:39:58
k-ekta fan
k-ekta fan 11 years ago thx.
god jatz neva enter in2 kitchen same like me. wow.. sumthng is common... 4 utnesil 2 make tea .. keep goin dude
thx TB 4 such a gr8 artcile
-Preeti- 11 years ago aww so sweet

wish them all the best and a happy married life
SunriseGreen 11 years ago Awww that's so sweet! They have like the perfect marriage life :D It's adorable how much they care for each other.

I hope they continue to have a happily married life!
mimi0295 11 years ago This content is hidden.
Shaina_b 11 years ago Jatin making her tea was so sweet!!!!!!

But him messing up the kitchen I can well imagine!!!!

But Priya should also be working!!!A girl should not give up her career because of marriage!!!!

Lamia17 11 years ago Awww...so sweet!! They make a great jodi
Pyaar-Ki-Chahat 11 years ago This content is hidden.
fm05 11 years ago I really respect a woman like Priya who puts her marriage and husband above all else. They are both so adorable, they remind me of Hiten-Gauri with the whole messing up Priya's kitchen just to make her tea. Aww Bless him, but she is so cute, being the ideal home maker. Wish they always remain so happy!
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