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Priya and Geet should not be compared Vidya Balan

Winning much applaud in comparison with the number of characters she has played, Vidya Balan is nowadays enjoying the height of success where she is loved not only by audience but also by the entire Bollywood.

Published: Monday,Jul 07, 2008 18:11 PM GMT-06:00
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Winning much applaud in comparison with the number of characters she has played, Vidya Balan is nowadays enjoying the height of success where she is loved not only by audience but also by the entire Bollywood. Let’s have a look at what the Bollywood diva has to say about her upcoming film Kismat Konnection, her connection with Shahid and litt
Priya and Geet should not be compared  Vidya Balan
le more…

Q. How should you like to categorise Kismat Konnection?
A. Kismat Konnection is the film about two persons who have no idea that they should become friends. Whenever they meet, they get into fight with one or the other reason. But kismet had designed something else for them. And in some way they forget about all the fights and fall for each other. Actually it’s very simple a story but the freshness is quite unique to make it look different.

Q. What about your character in the film?
A. The name of my character in the film is Priya who is very positive in every aspect. The backdrop of the film is Toronto. Raj (Shahid Kapoor) loses interest on everything in his life but after meeting Priya he gains his positive approach towards life back. The best thing that my character has in this film is the love towards her life.

Q. How much does Vidya Balan believe in kismet?
A. Vidya believes in fate. I believe that whichever way and how much hard we may try but the last decision is always taken by our kismet. You may have come to meet me on behalf of your publication but believe me, if we would never have met if we were not fated to meet.

Q. The film looks very young and fresh. If watched closely, we can find that the film has some resemblance with Jab We Met. What do you say about that?
A. I think we cannot compare between Jab We Met and Kismat Konnection, albeit those films were made at the same time. Kismat Konnection was at the post production stage while Jab We Met was released. Maybe you have enjoyed that film the same as you will do with Kismat Konnection.

Q. Don’t you think that your character does match with that of Kareena in Jab We Met? They both inject Shahid with positive approach in life…
A. You may have found similarities in our characters but I have played it quite in a different way. Priya is much different from Geet and they cannot be compared.

Q. Does the film carry the Aziz Mirza sign like his other films?
A. Yes, of course. Aziz uncle is such a director who prefers to show the mass-feelings in any of films. The story may have the backdrop of Toronto, the film has very common and general appeal. He is unique in making the characters as well as the situations as simple as possible. He prefers to feel the characters on acting them.

Q. How was the experience of working with him?
A. Every director has his own way of executing things but Aziz uncle is quite unique in his own ways. One can find him happy all the while. No one screams or create chaos on the set just because of his nature. And you can find the impression of his nature in his films also. We spent two months in Toronto without even feeling for a holiday.

Q. We have heard that you faced problems getting in tune with Shahid during the shooting of a dance.
A. It’s not me only but any other heroine in the industry would
Priya and Geet should not be compared  Vidya Balan
have problem dancing with Hrithik and Shahid. Madhuri Dixit is a different name (laughs). I didn’t have time to rehearse before this dance. Then I talked to my dance director Ahmed about my problem and he asked me not to get tensed. And he really controlled everything for me. Shahid can do anything regarding dance within half a minute but you cannot blame me for the rest of the scenario.

Q. Juhi Chawla is also acting in the film. How was the experience of working with her?
A. Though unfortunately but I have no scene with her. But my father is quite happy because I have worked in the film where Juhi is also working. He is a big fan of Juhi Chawla.

Q. Shahid and your names together are hitting the media every other day. What would you like to say about this connection?
A. To be very frank we have nothing of that sort between us. He is a good friend and a very good co-star of mine. That’s all. And the rest is just a gimmick.

Q. Since the time of Parineeta, your name is getting attached with every of your co-stars. Don’t you think of it as your great chemistry?
A. I would like to accept it as my compliment. I think that I am such a decent actress that my chemistry works with almost al the stars. I would like to give all the credits to my directors. I like to talk to others and of course I love to know about others on the set.

Q. Please tell us about our forthcoming films.
A. I am busy doing a Sanjay Leela Bhanshali film named Chenav Gandhi. Bibhu Puri is assisting Sanjay Leela Bhansali in this film. Amitabh Bachchan and Harman Baweja are my co-stars in this film. Besides this I am doing Vishal Bhardwaj’s Ishqiya which will be directed by Abhishek Chaubey. Nasheerudin Shah and Arshad Warsi are acting with me in this film.

Q. What did happen to your other films like Suryamukhi, Bihad and Mukti?
A. I have denied acting in Suryamukhi and same is the fate with Bengali film Mukti. I am not working in that film as its shoot was scheduled to start in early January but due to producer Gautam Haldar’s health problems it got delayed. Later on they offered me some other time but I couldn’t accept that. Schedule for the Sanjay Dutt movie Bihad, which is subjected to be directed by Milan Lutharia, is not decided yet as because Sanjay Dutt is busy with his other films. I hope the film will be complete within next year.

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