Prashant Chawla takes to dance..

Prashant Chawla of Teen Bahuraaniyan fame has found a new passion in dancing, as the actor is trying his hand at Hip Hop, Jazz and various other dance forms..


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Prashant Chawla aka Mahesh of Teen Bahuraaniyan is a keen learner it seems. Not only is he concentrating on acting, the man is also learning different forms of dance these days. Prashant's love for dance is pretty evident from the efforts he has been putting in these days. Apparently Prashant has gotten a part of his house converted into a dancing room with a huge mirror fixed on the wall and a good music system set up. Trained by an Australian tutor, other dancers include Prashant's co-actors and friend who come over to learn at his place.

"We are learning all forms of dance like Hip Hop, Jazz, Bollywood and have especially hired a trainer from Australia to professionally train us. It's a lot of fun and a great way to rejuvenate oneself after hectic shooting schedules." Says Prashant.

Is the actor showing aspirations for a Dance Reality Show? Only time can tell!


Prashant Chawla

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april19 12 years ago MAYBE HE SHOULD TRY OUT FOR JDJ or nach baliye 4!!! that would be awesome..
hello98 12 years ago Satya of Tumhari Disha...he looks different in this pic.
Tani91 12 years ago oh wow...I hope we can see him in JDJ or NB again
amz1990 12 years ago kwl i bet he must be relli tired afta d shooting though lol
thanxz 4 d article
Siddhi_ 12 years ago mahesh and dance..... seems interesting
have to see him dance one day
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