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Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu thi..

Eklavya wears Lakshya's clothes and sehra, and no one notices that "Lakshya" has grown almost a foot taller, has longer hair, and a beard...

Lakshya and KT romance and are caught by Sunny & Hitesh
, Ekalvya is agitated - having seen a vision of Lakshya and KT passionately dancing...

Since it was a shaadi episode, everyone was looking quite stylish!!!


It was when Raju,Chameli and Kaajjal were at the temple. Where Raju confessed his love for Kajjal and she was sitting really close to but she didn’t hear a word where as Ameesha who was standing way down the stairs behind a wall heard Raju and Chameli’s entire conversation. This proves Ameesha is a horse
When raju and kajal had a fight where kajal accuses raju that he purposely lied to her that he is Dev in the parking lodge and Raju says that it was kajal who hugged him first in the bedroom and he won't deny the fact that his heart likes her and nobody can rule his heart.Style Icon is Dev aka Apurva Agnihotri. He looked million dollar in that cream colored sherwani. A passionate and sexy Rambo

Banoo Main Teri Dulhan

Sagar spills Hot coffee on Harsh's face but his face doesnt get burnt..maybe he was vary of his looks so refused the directors to spot a scar.When Sagar and Bharat hugs each other as Bharat knows that he is acting to be an insane but he cant reveal this to other family members , the scene is very cute and acting by both of them is stupendous!Tushar aka Indraneil as he is sporting a totally new look teamed up with cool Jacket and a new Hairstyle!
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Comments (21)

kyuki ,baa, bahu aur baby,saarthi are excellent seieal . i like it

17 years ago

Hey Nish, Had gr8 time going thru...very well written esp. the Kyunki's blopper...I loved it.

17 years ago

hehe this was awesome..
all the bloopers were funny...

17 years ago

That was just awsome!
Scene of the week for me was teh Sagar-Bharath one.
Blooper of the week was the the Kajjal one and BTW I noticed that too.
Style Icon of the week for me is Apurava.

17 years ago

Nishu great job!!!
YOu had to say about Neil's new jacket, LOL.

17 years ago

congratzz tht woz great!..yea da kaajal one woz realli weird!!

17 years ago

At first I didn't know it was by you but when I saw that last comment on Neil, I thought, Who else?! Yay!! Really great article! I also loved that scene from Kajjal and Dev? Sooo hot!

17 years ago

Oh...I am soo happy that people are now disocvering the real Kohinoor ..hidden in Apurva...!People are noticing the unmatcjabel shine..of Apurva..!!That all I ask fo rfrom Siddhi vinayak for Apu..!!God bless him..and yes..that sherwani...uffff..he I feel looks teh hottest than anybody in thsi world in that outfit..!!OR shoudl I say..every attire..!!

17 years ago

Lovely article Nishtha! All of them were great!

Keep smiling...

17 years ago

hahaha..i really like...BMTD was the best!!

17 years ago

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