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Pick of the week:5th November-9th November

From the happenings in the serials, we pick Top 3 of the popular serials..as we keep a close eye on their each and every step,every week! now with ADDED ATTRACTION..Dialogue of the Week.

Published: Monday,Nov 12, 2007 10:37 AM GMT-07:00
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We are back with the All-Famous Pick of the week !! So get ready for the "Special Tadka"!! with our new Addition "Blooper of the Week Award" which will be given to the most Shocking Blooper shown in a serial!

Chhoona Hain Aasmaan

Scene of the week:Abhimanyu and Sameera start arguing and pointing out mistakes at each other, at the end of this heated conversation, when Abhimanyu tells Sameera to go if she has a problem, to which she asks where has she to go? Both Abhi and Sam are lost into each others eyes realising their argument was childish, & they realise their mitakes.The scene was not only romantic but very entertaining too. The silence just after the heated argument, said it all...

Dialogue of the week:When Sarpanch's wife tells Manisaa not to address her husband by his name as this is not followed there, Sarpanch's wife whispers in her eyes to what should address her dearest Pati dev as. Sam who is shocked, is forced to say with a sweet, n soft tone " Suniye Ji" ,Misraa Ji aka Abhi is shocked out of his witts!

Style Icon of the Week:Undoubtedly Abhimanyu, as Rahul Misraa, with the look of a simpleton he completely deserves the cake. On top of it, the mustache suits his character, not all men are able to carry off mustaches so well as Rahul does. So this week Misraa ji with his vulnerable accent and simple looks deserves this spot!

Blooper of the week:Sameera was informed by the Sarpanch’s wife that the kids are not able to get any education/schooling, as no one is ready to come to their village. Also the schools are situated in far off place that makes traveling impossible! So one could conclude, the village kids are illiterate!!But suddenly, they show Sarpanch’s grandson writing, and he is a having a book which has flags of all countries , of course one can be sure that such a book can never be available in such a remote village!But the kid able to write!!Hmmm thats indeed interesting!!

Doli Saja Ke

Scene of the week: The FBI are arresting Chaitanya for smuggling, and go to arrest his so called wife Aditi as well. Suddently Neha (fake Aditi) yells I am not Aditi, I am NEHA, I had put up an act of being Aditi. Chaitanya bursts out laughing and reveals this was his entire plan to get the truth out of her. He looks towards a crying Anu and says I told you so, she was a fraud. He goes to Roger, the FBI officer and hugs him. Neha is now both shocked and scared.

Dialogue of the week: Just when Neha is arrested,Chaitanya tells her "Ek muft ki salah detha hu. Agleebaar dhoke ka jaal bunna ho, to us jaal mein, pyar ke daage mut bun na. Pyar ke naam par dhoka dene waali par bhagwan bhi maaf nahi karte........Jaise loha – loha ko kaat tha hai…...waise jooth ko jooth se kaatha hai." Kudos to the this Dhansoon Dialogue!!

Style Icon of the Week:Anupama...Even though the entire week she was crying with minimal makeup and jewellery, she still looked gorgeous. She truly showed that beauty comes from within.

Blooper of the week:Anupuma, although she changed her sarees this week, had the remians of the sinndoor still in her hair for the whole week,  which seems to suggest that she didn't take a shower the entire week. Remember, she had given up the sindoor and mangalsutra to Neha!!


Scene of the week:When Afreen has a delusion of Kabir and she reaches the edge of the cliff & is on the verge of falling, Azaan comes right on time and pulls her from falling.. Afreen is safe in Azaan's arm and their eyes meet, they are completely lost into each other's eyes. It seemed as if Afreen felt protected in her husband's arms, and Azaan would never let any trouble harm his lovely wife. The scene was indeed very romantic and a visual treat for all Azaan Afreen fans as the chemistry was just perfect!!

Dialogue of the week:  When Nadira taunts Afreen for "over enjoying work"& working slow for the Eid party, Khala interupts and asks her why she wasn't getting any work done. Nadira makes an excuse that her hand hurts, to which Khala simply states, "Toh mooh bhi band rakhna. Kahin usmay bhi dard na hojaye" It was great seeing Nadira getting told off by our adorable khala yet again!!This dialogue yet was an epic of the amazing sense of humour that Khala has!!

Style Icon of the Week:Both Azaan & Afreen! Both looked rocking in their Eid clothes, Azaan looked charming in his Sherwani,whereas Afreen gorgeous and graceful in her sari!!

Blooper of the week:Afreen is pregnant and has a buldging tummy.But how come, at the Eid party, when Afreen came down with the sari, her stomach was completely flat?! Hai hai, is there a miscarriage that we aren't aware of? It would be amazing if her stomach pops up again!!Hmm, we guess the creatives forgot this little detail !!

Blooper of the Week Award

The show which had a minor confusion which created a major havoc into lives of all the leads of the show, this prestigious award goes to the show Kayamath......

Sukruti the biological mother of Ritwik, is playing with her son.Ritwik in Prachi's room, pulls off 2-3 strands of her hair which lie down. Its said tragic coincidences can happen in telly shows on and off..Couple of days later, Ayesha who is all set with her detective cap and ready to frame Prachi in a baseless crime enters the room, 2-3 strands now have turned into a ball of many hair strands.Now, we thought the servants are for the purpose of cleaning the room(atleast once a day), but, this gets really convenient for Evil Ayesha to get a hold of those strands, assumes it to be Prachi's, and gets a concrete proof against innocent Prachi... Is there some kind of chemical in Prachi's room which multiplies the hair strands?  This convenient thinknig on the part of the creatives is not convenient and convincing at all, to the audience...

Spotted by : junooni09
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Contributed by:Mikey-S, Dark Love!!



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nurlizah binte abu hassan @diahana 16 years ago i give kwaish a good rating coz i love azaan & afreen scenes where azaan who after marriage told afreen that they are foever ajnabee ,mn stanger to each other although that they both has been legally be hsband/wife,but wth a wonderful and lovely caring character as afreen go through as awife i probably says that anyman in the world will fall on the woman arms,coz every guys who marry not only need to make love but also need a wife like afreen who always hands together wth a hubby {azaan} in agood or bad times and she does not show any interest in wealth or to be a maam in that house as nadira phupijan told azaan bfre,and i hope that azaan as her husband will raelise that his father shanawaz khan has chosen the rght wife and dghterin law as for the family and in also for azaan future.coz i think if azaan marry that bulky chick from london ,i cant imgine she will not care about the family wheras she will only love and care for azaan,but to my thougt as a wife of aman that we married,woman has most responsibility in taking care of a husband family,and not greedy for wealth,and i support afreen chemistry alot as a wife in kwaish,go afreen go and get azaan love as a wife,u have more rght than saniya okay,love diahana from sg.
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Rifa @t3xl 16 years ago I think the award should have gone to Khwaish, that blooper makes me laugh.
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Nishita Bashar @nishitab 16 years ago hahahah lmaoo awesome work :D
i luv the kayamath one its hilarious
keep it up, 2 thumbs up for ur work!
thanks for sharing
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Ananya Pattanaik @remix_ananya 16 years ago kool article!!!!!!!!!!!luved d kayamath thing....gr8!!!!

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nainarocks @nainarocks 16 years ago DA KAYAMATH THING WAS ROCKING. CONTINUE.
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Gracella @TrustYourSelf 16 years ago Rocking!

Khwaish deserved to be in POTW!!
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maha786 @maha786 16 years ago This content is hidden.
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*4rom heaven*
Zainab @*4rom heaven* 16 years ago omg...soooo happy n excited
CHA simply ROCKS!!!!!! :D
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Diya Patel @khushi4eva 16 years ago wow!!!!! u wrote the same exact lines wat i was thinking in my mind about kayamath blooper...r u psychic???? hahahah
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priya @Iriss 16 years ago thanx

kayamath was totally illogical
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