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Happenings in the Top 3 picks of the popular serials..as we will keep a close eye on their each and every step,every week!

We are back with the All-Famous Pick of the week !! So get ready for the "Special Tadka"!! and from this time we are adding another Hilarious Feature, and it is "Blooper of the Week Award" which will be given to the most Shocking Blooper!


Scene of the week:

When Sushant and Vasudha went for a date, the dialogues,ambience and mood was tapped greatly by the director and actors did the rest, the way Sushant gives Vasudha a ring packed in millions of boxes was very cute and adorable, truly a scene to remember!

Stlye Icon of the Week:

Has to be Sushant they way he is dressing up these days, those blazers giving him killing look along with the firey expressions,giving his persona a new meaning altogether!

Blooper of the week:

When Sushant enters the office and asks Pandey jee as to why he is not smiling infront of the DRS cabin,he was not carrying any bag...but in the very next scene when he enters DRS office he was carrying one!! Now question is who has given him that..director,spotboy or Smriti Irani..ball is in your court!

Kyunki Saas bhi Kabhi Bahu thi

Scene of the Week:

The best scene was when Joydeep comes to Billy's party with his makeover done. We always knew that he will turn into a Handsome dude sooner or later but the Result is beyond our imagination!! Great indeed.

Style Icon of the Week:

Has to be Joydeep!! looking Dashing and Debonair after his makeover,it is one of the high points of the show!

Blooper of the Week:

Joydeep in Billy's party was shown in black shirt, black coat and black pants in fact all in black, but when he reached home and met Bhoomi, he was wearing white shirt! Makeover is not done yet..he wants to tell us, this maybe!

Karam Apna-Apna

Scene of the Week:

When Shiv asks Sarmar to tell him where Gauri is and he breaks down in front of Sarmar.The emotions pours out of his heart and hits your heart straight, where you want them to be united again at the earliest.

Style of the Week:

Gauri.. With her hair down, gauri is looking really pretty and so are her saris, sporting a small dot as a "Bindi" giving us relief from tree and bushes used by many in the past in the same place.

Blooper of the Week:

When Ipshita sees Gauri as a bhoot, Gauri is sitting on the swing. When Maya comes, Gauri is there no longer. In the other scene they show that Gauri and Nikhila are sitting on the swing again.. Haila!! Why didnt Maya see them ..i guess someone needs eye checkup at the earliest.

There were many contenders running for this Prestigious Title but the Award goes to..Mamta and the Bloopers were many, we are giving you all freedom to select your favorite.
The same room is used by all as a bedroom Akshay, Mamta and Krishna, looks like millionaire Akshay doesnt have enough bedrooms in his house, Krishna and Arav share their Blazer as well, looks like they dont even have enough clothes, Sid calls the doctor and asks him to reach Akshay's house asap but doctor never reaches there and nobody complains as well, looks like they couldnt found any actor to play a role of a doctor.

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Comments (21)

I think this time Scene of the week and Style Icon def. goes to Kyunki Saas bhi Kabhi Bahu thi...Joydeeb looked awesome....Thankx Nish.

16 years ago

It is not a blooper. It's a mistake on your part. I just watched the episode again and he is carrying a bag in his right hand when he comes to talk to Pandeyji and Nirmohi. He carries it in his left hand when he enters DRS' office. You must review it before posting.

16 years ago

I love Virrudh
Sushant and Vasudha are amazing great chemistry =D

16 years ago

LOL the bloopers of mamta is indeed very funny. OMG joydeep really look handsome and dashing LOL.I don't like the jodi of vasudha and sushant like I said looks like a jodi of peacock and a pig. vasudha is the peacock sushant is the peacock.

16 years ago

the way in which they're showin the romance between sushant and vasudha is awsome!!!!!

16 years ago

HA!..I don't call that a scene of the week for Kyunki!..actually, it was the most depressing scene I've seen in my life!..hehe..but atleast Joydeep made a blooper! XD

Nish di!..leave bechari Mamta alone =)

16 years ago

mamta sure deserved the blooper of the week award di...gr8 job!!

16 years ago

i love what they did with joydeep

in kaa
when ippy started running...it was fun lol

16 years ago

really nicely done. Love the added blooper!

16 years ago

Thanks for the lovely Article ! Boy ! Joydeep`s look , really was out of our Imagination ! Great Article ! Awesome Job ! Thankooo so much ! :)

16 years ago

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