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Pick of the Week -26th -30th November!

From the happenings in the serials, we pick Top 3 of the popular serials..as we will keep a close eye on their each and every step,every week! now with ADDED ATTRACTION..Dialogue of the Week.

Published: Monday,Dec 03, 2007 10:45 AM GMT-07:00
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We are back with the All-Famous Pick of the week !! So get ready for the "Special Tadka"!! with our new Addition "Blooper of the Week Award" which will be given to the most Shocking Blooper shown in a serial! Also look for the new addition, "Dialogue of the Week"

Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii.

Scene of the Week: This week was packed with powerful performances by all - noteworthy are two scenes: One is where Maithili finally breaks down in front of Adi and tells him that she can't bear to see Garima anywhere near him, because he is hers, only hers. The scene where she grabs his collar and tells him that she has lost, and he closing his eyes tightly, was so beautiful that all the AM fans have been raving about it nonstop! and who can forget the Om-Parvati reunion scene...amidst all that fire and chaos, Om and Parvati have eyes only for each other. Finally recovering his memory, Om comes to Parvati and says only one thing: "Your Om is back". The use of the song "Der Na Ho Jaye" from Henna as Parvati is waiting for Om to come to her was so poignant and well-placed. When Om and Parvati finally hug, the audience lets out a resounding cheer. Here's to Tellydom's most beautiful couple!!

Dialogue of the Week: Om tells Rishika: "Jab main paida hua tha toh mera ek naam tha - Om Agarwal. Aur jab main marunga toh bhi mera naam hoga OM VISHWANATH AGARWAL"...Kiran delivered this dialogue in absolute brilliance, sending shivers down our spines - boy are we glad to have this talent back on the show!

Style Icon of the Week: This week's style icon is a beautiful woman dressed in a really pretty red saree....yup, that's right, its our very own Ishaan/Chotu!! Lol, dressing up as a woman, Ishaan has managed to take his place amongst all the beautiful women on the show, giving them ample competition! We think that Chotu has what it takes to become the "most beautiful woman" of KGGK!!

Blooper of the Week: This blooper seems to be going on for quite a few weeks - First, Adi brings all the girls to his grandfather, i.e. Suyash's Lonavala farmhouse. Then, Parvati suggests to Rishika & Rishabh that Adi-Garima's wedding be held in the AG family's Lonavla farmhouse...yet the house is one and the same!! THEN, when the house is burning down, Parvati thinks to herself that this (the Lonavla farmhouse) was the house in which she and Om lived together for 40 years!!! How is that even possible? The AG family lived in Mumbai, not Lonavla! And the ownership of this farmhouse seems to transfer at will from the Mehras to the Agarwals!Lets change the title..Kahaani "EK hi" Ghar ki.

Left Right Left..

Scene of the Week: The cadets go for the rescue operation for those students who have been hostages in the school by the terrorist. They do not only to save them, but also bring prestige for KMA which is on the verge of closure. The entire drama was mindblowing with the cadets rocking at every stage, And thus ending in a successful mission.Hats off to this young talent for showing such a brave act and for the creatives to show this.

Dialogue of the Week: Has to be from Abhi where he says to his father's servant Mansen while looking at the reports of the hostage on TV. "Look at them, these cadets are fighting to prove to the world that the army is this good and can be best to serve for this country, and govt. officials are on the verge to close this academy" These one or two lines stormed the show giving high respect to our country's army and a pity that our country is still under the hands of corrupt politicians.

Style Icon of the Week: This time its Naina...this lady came back with a bang on Wednesday's episode and rocked like anything..the army outfit suits her to the T and she stands perfect. Also showcasing herself as a lady doctor..this lady knows the charm.

Blooper of the Week: Its tiring to see only three or four cadets on the entire mission, why on earth the creatives can't get all of them and looking for replacements!Will Pooja's stomache or Huda's absence or Ali's injury ever get serious? or are we in for another Change of actors..whatever may be the reason, its not digestable at all.

Saath Phere..

Scene of the Week: When Vrinda..ties dupatta on Nahar's hand and makes him her brother, it came as a shock for the Singh household and for the audiences both .We normally have seen the other Women come in the lead's life like this, but here Saath Phere team has set an example and did something totally different and left an impact on everyone's mind.So Saloni is still safe, she just has to prove her innocence now.

Dialogue of the Week:When Nahar tells everyone "Vrinda aaj se meri behen hai"..very sweet and enduring.Later when Aditi comes to know the real reason of Saloni's strange behaviour and ridicules Jiji for going so low to take the revenge really shook all...

Style Icon of the Week: Jiji hands down! With a new hairstyle and less of makeup she stands apart from the rest, just wonder why usually vamps are very chic and hip looking in shows unlike our bahus !

Blooper of the Week :Aditi suggests everyone that we should get Nahar married again..and says "hume Nahar ki doobara shadi kara dene chahyee" hmm..if we are not wrong then Nahar is already married twice before, first with chandni and later with Saloni so..how come second time? It should have been the case of Third time lucky!! why she undermines the effort of show makers of getting Nahar's name in the few lucky leads,who has got married most number of times on screen...Not done Aditi !
Blooper of the Week Award

After the Flood of Bloopers Last week we are back again, and still experiencing the after shocks of the quake in the form of Bloopers , as we are still encountering them in loads and would like to extend our thanks to the showmakers for giving us the opportunity to reward them for the same!

Parivaar - Kartavya Ki Pariksha...

Radha and Adhiraj still had not made ammends. When Addy walks into the room at night, Radha is sleeping peacefully on the bed, but when Radha brings him tea, he is snuggled up on the bed. We know they didn't share a bed, so how did that happen? or..there is something fishy!!

Addy wears a shirt which Radha picks up for him a couple of scenes later!! Did not get it right, wait,  let us try again..before Radha could take out the shirt from closet, Addy was spotted in the same shirt. ..well don't waste your brain here, just a suggestion to the editor, please be little more agile and careful from next time onwards!

spotted by: queenyuks

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Contributed by: resham_tam, pswayer

Concept and Author : Nishtha

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Nishita Bashar @nishitab 16 years ago haha lol i loved the khani ek hi ghar ki, awesome analysis :D
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Mahi @-Mystery- 16 years ago I love reading about bloopers. No one is perfect but someones are just too obvious. Haha
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Nabila @Tomiko 16 years ago Lol the PKKP blooper was to good.....I had to rewind the video to make sure I wasn't imaginging things.
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Natalie Abraham @-DulceMaria- 16 years ago I agree wid LRL'S blooper, missing Huda a lotttt :(
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Nisha @Sasha4eva 16 years ago Great selection- Kahaani really rocked last week. The two scenes choosen are perfect both jodi's performed there best! And yes special mention to the 'Der Na Ho Jay' track picturised on Om/Paro, suited them and the circumstance to the T!

Also the dialogue choosen is perfect, the way Kiran performed that particular scene was mindblowing!
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Shweta @--SHWETA-- 16 years ago Kggk really rocked .Some Incredible sence
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sharona bhasteker @sharona_bha 16 years ago i like the scene of saat phere.it`s a very diffrent scene from the other serial`s i think ekta should to learn from saat phere creative instead to show 2 or 3 marrige`s .im glad saat phere team show this.and for the first time in some serial we sew this.keep it us sp team.
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sidsk @sidsk 16 years ago Yes Kggk definitely rocked this week.Lovely scenes of both the lovely couples.
And Chotu giving the other women competition? ROFL!!
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Tarah @*saakshi_fan* 16 years ago parivaar has a blooper award...yah for parivaar!
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illuminated. @illuminated. 16 years ago The Parivaar blooper is hilarious!
Great job by everyone
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