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Banoo Main Teri Dulhann

Scene of the week-When Vidya thinks that she needs to hear Sagar's voice she calls him but doesn't say anything after he answers the phone. After few moments, Sagar realizes that it's her and pleads for her to say something because he was also yearning to hear her voice. Both of them cry, but then Vidya has to hang up, and Sagar cries because he can't forget Vidya while the song Main Yahaan Tu Wahaan from Baghban plays on. This was a very emotional scene that brought tears to one's eye.

Dialogue of the Week-Sagar cries and tells his mother how much he loves Vidya and he cannot live without her. He says that even if Vidya loves him for his money , he’ll love her so much that one day she’ll have to love him back. Finally, he decides to go to bring her home.

Style icon of the week-Without Vidya, Sagar has a devastated “Devdas” look, and is looking great. He badly needs a haircut though.

Blooper of the week-Vidya leaves her mobile phone at the and Sindoora finds it. Yet, Vidya uses a mobile phone from her room at Harsh’s house to call Sagar. Where did she get that phone from, if she has no money? Maybe Director of the show offered this to her as noone can see Vidya crying!

Annu ki ho Gayee..Waah Bhai Waah

Scene of the Week-Has to be the scene between Ashu & Angel. Angel tells Ashu that he is the best  brother, while Ashu replies then why doesn't Dad think the same? He further adds that dad always gave him the best but in return he expected that one day his son will handle the entire business empire , does true love even exist? Will no one ever love him truly? Angel says she loves him truly. She wipes off Ashu's tears. There was so much innocence filled in this conversation & was indeed the best scene of the week.

Dialogue of the Week-Ashu comes to talk to Rishab about his announcement. Rishab tells Ashu that he will be joining the next day, so from tomorrow he will be working under him & his employees don't have a right to question him. A disheartened Ashu says he is sorry as he thought he came to talk to his Dad.

Style Icon of the Week- Undoubtedly has to be Dev Keswani aka Ashu Mehra. He carried off the suits he wore whether it's white or black very well.

Blooper of the Week-Annu told her family that she is giving tuitions to kids to earn some money, while she leaves her house at 9 am in the morning & returns at 10.30 pm in the night! Which tuition is it where someone has to teach for 12 hours? Don't kids go to school? Wow..what hardworking kids…Are they Einstein in the making ?

Kahaani Ghar Ghar ki

Scene of the Week- Gauri finds out that Ishan's past lover 'Mishti' is actually Shivangi herself, and blasts her for coming with the intentions to ruin Gauri and Ishan's married life. In response, Parvati tells Gauri the truth about Ishan - that he is a dangerous criminal who is only pretending to be mad to escape prison. Gauri replies that she knew the truth all along, but was quiet because she wants to fulfill the vow she took when marrying Ishan - she will support him and save him no matter what, even if he doesn't love her. What a volte-face from the previously subdued and submissive Gauri Ishan Nanda Kaul Agarwal!! Although she is not evil (yet), she sure has shown guts in choosing to support her criminal husband! One wonders how long she will manage to keep him safe...and whether her efforts will make Ishan reconsider about casting her aside!

Dialogue of the Week- Chaya tells Garima, after tasting her mirchi-wale ladoo: "Aise hi wahiyad ladoo khilaogi apne pati ko, toh ho tumhara talaq!" Haila, Chaya bua, for the first time you've said something of value! Tumhare muuh mein...ghee shakkar nahi...haldi aur mirchi!!

Style Icon- This week's Style Icon is our very own hot criminal-on-the-run Ishan Nanda! Looking absolutely dapper in a royal-blue sherwani as he charged menacingly to meet his mentor, this bad boy stole our hearts all the way! He is surely giving all other TV badboys a run for their money!Hum khush hue!!

Blooper of the Week- Garima is making ladoos for Adi in the kitchen, when in comes Chaya bua excitedly. She eats a ladoo and then spits it out, claiming it is foul. Minutes later, Adi enters and thanks bua for letting him know that Garima was making ladoos for him! He eats them and enjoys them, and later we find out that Maithili had switched Garima's bad ladoos with her own good ones. What we want to know is, a) how did Chaya bua manage to tell Adi about the ladoos before she tried them herself, and b) how did Maithili switch the two plates around before Adi entered, considering that Chaya and Garima never left the kitchen, and Maithili never entered there!! Was this a blink-and-you'll-miss-it kind of a scene, or have the AG family members patented a new time travelling machine?!!

Blooper of the Week Award

Eagerly Waiting to hear Winner of this Category, so without wasting any further time let me announce the winner..Drums roll..Award goes to Santaan and the Blooper was..

When Gayatri is trying to get to Shubh ,who is getting beaten up, she tries to get past the crowd when there was no need for that! As from another angle, we can see clearly that there was an empty spot from where she could easily go right through! Maybe they are out of budget to arrange enough Extras as crowd…comeon..spend more money from next time onwards or be careful while caning such scenes!

Spotted by: *Kruthi*

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Concept and Author : Nishtha
Contributed by: noodles ,*Shruti* & Psawyer
Banner by: *Kruthi*

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thanks..BMTD rocks!!! tht scene was indeed emotional where V rings S

16 years ago

BMTD was defo the best one this week....i luvd tht scene of phone calls n the song suited the sit 100%..except for the bachchan voice...lol

Gauri Ishan Nanda Kaul Agarwal.....hahahhaa...poor gauri..how doez she sign her name...only her initials make up for her whole name ..GINKA..LOL...gauri aka ginka!!!..hhahahahaaa

16 years ago

thanks..Kahaani bloor is really funny..loved the chaya's dialogue

16 years ago

omg, banoo mein teri dulhann is just going awesomee!! but dmg should hav been on here too, it had the best epis this week

16 years ago

thanks wow kahani is really doing well and blooper was good too.how on earth one can prepare the laddoos with mirch? is there any similarity in sugar and spice.

16 years ago

great article just so happy for kahaani ghar ghar ki

16 years ago

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