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From the happenings in the serials, we pick Top 3 of the popular serials..as we will keep a close eye on their each and every step,every week! now with ADDED ATTRACTION..Dialogue of the Week.

We are back with the All-Famous Pick of the week !! So get ready for the "Special Tadka"!! with our new Addition "Blooper of the Week Award" which will be given to the most Shocking Blooper shown in a serial! From this week, we have yet another Addition for you all, "Dialogue of the Week"

Kasamh Se

Scene of the Week –

When Bani arrives late for her quiet anniversary celebrations and Jai has been waiting there in the beach for over two and half hours and Jigyasa instigates him saying that Bani now prefers spending time with Daksh, who is much more handsome and richer and of course, young. Jai shouts at Bani when she arrives late, asking her why she was late. Bani drops the bouquet of flowers which she was carrying and Jigyasa leaves the scene after setting fire between the duo. As a droplet of tear rolls down Bani’s cheek, Jai starts laughing and says that he was just joking, after having been kept waiting for such a long time. He smiles lovingly at Bani and she also smiles back at him. A beautiful scene, highlighting the tentativeness of the situation, insecurity, heartbreak, assurance and finally love!!!

Dialogue of the Week –

‘Jigyasa, jab tumhari shaadi tooti thi, ek bhai hone ke naatey, bahut roya tha. Mujhe laga ke mere dost Aditya ki shayad galti tha. Lekin aaj mujhe pata chala ki galti tumhari hi thi. Phir bhi main tumhare liye dua karta hoon – God bless you Jigyasa’

Jai says this to Jigyasa when she tries to instigate him to put a wedge in his marriage with Bani.

Style Icon of the Week –

Goes to Jigyasa aka Jigs for turning up in beautiful sarees and looking as pretty as a decorated Christmas tree!!!

Blooper of the Week –

Daksh’s Ayah-Ma wants to meet Bani to tell her the raaz about the Suryavanshi haveli. Daksh’s Father, Dhanraj warns her not to go near Bani and not to tell her the truth, even if it destroys her life. But Ayah-Ma decides to meet Bani and tell her the truth. She comes to the where a Puja is going on which is being attended by the Randherias too. She calls the WM landline number first but Dhanraj takes the call and shoos her off. Next morning, she calls Bani’s cell. How on earth did a rustic woman manage to locate the phone numbers of the and also that of Bani? Ringing suspense God knows!!

Choona Hai Aasmaan

Scene of the week -

The show has just kicked off but everyone must agree that the scene of the week was the much anticipated entry of Iqbal Khan aka Abhimanyu Adhikari. It was great to see him in action after so long, especially with his witty one liners. I guess we can all agree and say welcome back Iqbal!

Dialogue of the week -

Abhi says while he is hung upside down and is being tortured by the guards

"mujhse zyada pareshan to tum lagrahe ho, aisa lagta hai mein seeda kara hu aur tum ulte latke ho"

Style Icon of the week -

Jhanvi aka Sameera. A beautiful and elegant woman, be it in her simple traditional wear or her uniform, Jhanvi carries it off superbly We cannot ignore Samrat aka Vivan Bhatena as well ,he has a style of his own and this Casanova image is suiting him for sure!

Blooper of the Week -

When Sameera is thrown off from her jeep by Abhimanyu she was carrying a cake and along with cake she fell on the road. Later Vir sir asks Sameera to cut the same cake with Abhimanyu ..but miraculously cake was in perfect shape as it was bought from the bakery..in this case maybe the cake was made up of stone and cement rather than of flour and butter!


Scene of the week -

Sumit, with a gun in his hand (a la James Bond!), arrives at the perfect time to stop 's (his wife Kumkum who has lost her memory) wedding to Sanjay. On facing resistance from Krishna/Kumkum's adopted family, Sumit points the gun at Krishna/Kumkum and tells everyone to back off.. all along telling Krishna/Kumkum to trust him that he is doing everything for their life together.

Dialogue of the week -

The best dialogue was Sumit's, when Sanjay comes in front of Sumit (to shoot him), Sumit tells Amandeep not to worry as "sachche pyar mein aise imtihan bhi dene padte hain..aur aaj shayad meri maut, mera sachcha pyar saabit karegi." Sumit looks at Kumkum and says, "tumhari aankhein aaj bhi mujhe nahin pehchanti Kumkum; tumhara dil mujhse anjaan hai. Lekin ek din zaroor aayega, jab tumhari dhadkane jaagegi aur apne Sumit ko pehchanegi.. lekin shayad tab tak, tumhara Sumit nahin rahega"

Style Icon of the week-

Kumkum - her simple village look..ghagra-choli's, minimal accessories and make-up, making it look very realistic. She looked prettiest in the ghagra-choli she wore for the wedding..

Blooper of the Week-

Sumit needs to prove to everyone that is Kumkum. And so, he tries calling his home in Mumbai, but can't get through as Sukanya has changed the family's mobile sim-cards and also unplugged the landline number. Sumit is a reputed businessman.. couldn't he have called his friends, acquaintances, business associates, neighbours..even the doodhwala..to get anything to prove is Kumkum?

There were again many contenders for this prestigious and reputed award in Telly buzz, but the award goes to the biggest named Kasturi and we renamed the Blooper of the week as Vanishing act of Raunak's body!

When Raunak fell into the river along with many, even Kasturi jumps into the water to save him. Seeing Kasturi jump, Robbie had to jump as well, the next moment, Kasturi is shown standing along with Raunak's body, but in the very next scene they show Robbie and Kasturi standing minus Raunak's body ,this happens many times sometimes you can see his body next moment you cant, its a simple case of pathetic Editing..which resulted in Blooper. Word of caution Be more watchful from next time onwards.We are Here!

spotted by : hiral_anju0930 and sweet_shagun

Stay tuned for the Pick of the Week, every week only on Telly Buzz--buzzing already.., our weekly article from the world of Television shows. Special Thanks to Dev Team of IF for their Inputs!!

Concept: Nishtha

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Iqbal Khan

Iqbal Khan



Vivan Bhathena

Vivan Bhathena

Comments (23)

juhi is THE style icon........she really luked pretty....thanx

16 years ago

oh cool.....for me tho bst dialogue ,style icon.. -all sumit wadhwa 4 his amazing wrk!!!!!!!!

16 years ago

hello evri 1 !! u guys r dng a fantastic job here ...especiali luv ur blooper segment n ur hilarious comments !!! :D
n hey , i wud like u all to add another segment called ridiculous scenes of the week or most unbelievable scenes of the week !! i knw there will b many scenes like that but... still u can select them n put it over here... like... grandma [ i think kumkum is supposed 2 b a grandma...?? well i dont watch the serial ...nw... but guess bi nw she must b 1 ,rite ??] n gr8 grandma {prerna.... bajaj ya basu... well its alwais tentative , rite !! }[;D]having weddings in the presence of all of their gen next to next to next !!!!! dat is truli one of the most unrealist phenomenon ... i think in the whole wide world !!!!!!:D :D

16 years ago

hahahhaa lol i luv the blooper of the week its hilarious :D great job in analyzing it nishtha

16 years ago

omg.....that kept me rolling......I just love to read thiis every week!!!

16 years ago

would like to call him our desi version of Arjun.

dailogue of the week was the hook or crook, marne ya maarne se he will run take away his wife Kumkum

Style icon definitely the Kumkum as Krishna. She simply looked beautiful and gorgeous in that wedding outfit.

Blooper of the week

in the list Sumit's in-laws phone number. Looks like the whole family went for a memory loss regarding their phone numbers

Daamad ko apna sasural ka phone number bhool gaya or was it for kumkum
Maayke ki kabhi yaad na aaye, sasural mein itna pyaar mile
so Sumit too forgot his sasuraal.

Juhi and Hussain were fantastic in this track. one as the silent Radha Rani with tears in her eyes and smile on her lips who forgot her Mohan and other was the Angry young 'old' man. One spoke in silence and in trance through her eyes and expressions the other one too spoke aloud with his eyes, expressions and actions

16 years ago

hey Nish, sorry yaar I don't watch any of them but I must say very well written esp. the Kasturi blopper is Hilarious.

16 years ago

that was great to read

if sumit called his business associates i dnt think anyone wud believe him cuz they wud think that he has planned that and has payed them to say that Krishna is Kumkum

16 years ago

I also noticed kasturi's blooper.It was really funny.

16 years ago

Loved CHA's scene of the week, dialogue of the week, and style icon of the week! :D

16 years ago

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