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From the happenings in the serials, we pick Top 3 of the popular serials..as we will keep a close eye on their each and every step,every week! now with ADDED ATTRACTION..Dialogue of the Week.

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We are back with the All-Famous Pick of the week!! So get ready for the "Special Tadka"!! With our new Addition "Blooper of the Week Award" which will be given to the most Shocking Blooper shown in a serial! Also look for the new addition, "Dialogue of the Week".

Hai Sitaron Pe Nazar..Pari hoon Main:

Scene of the Week: It would have to be when Raj goes to see Nikki at the farmhouse, believing she is Pari and then he gets into an accident. Nikki, sees that his arm is bleeding and rushes to him in the rain and tries to help him to the house, but her foot starts hurting. While at first, he refuses to take her help, then Raj offers Nikki his hand and the two walk to the house together, unable to take each others' eyes off one another. This is important because we see that each is starting to trust the other and developing a mutual attraction. Of course, they both looked amazing dripping wet!

Dialogue of the Week: When Nikki says, "Kya kare Karan? Abhi kuch samaj nahin aaraha." Karan replies strongly, "Koshish karo. And I'm sure, tum karogi." Only a speech like this could have compelled Nikki to survive the grooming boot camp and make it to the launch night!

Style Icon of the Week:Although the trio of Nikki, Karan and Raj looked altogether elegant, it was Nikki who stole the show in a white tissue sari, silver heeled sandals, upswept hair, and long diamond earrings. Her makeup was just enough to look beautiful without overshadowing the rest of the outfit. She was so breathtaking that Karan and Raj could not take their eyes off her.

Blooper of the Week: Definitely the entire scene of the music launch, where Shakti has smuggled in a shard of ice that he plans to kill Raj with. First of all, the ice looks like a flimsy piece of ice. Secondly, it stands to reason that in a major celebrity event there would be airtight security making sure nothing suspicious was happening. It's highly unrealistic that Shakti would have been able to throw a piece of ice at Raj repeatedly without anyone noticing.

Ghar ki Lakshmi Betiyan:

Scene of the Week: This week we had several long-awaited Karan-Laxmi scenes where Karan tries to pacify Laxmi. He first sings a song for her, then he helps her to clean up. These cute moments were undoubtedly the best parts of this week!

Dialogue of the Week: After Surya divides the house and all go to their respective sides, Laxmi tells Kajri that she shud remember that in the Garodias side they have togetherness and happiness but in Kajri's side all she has is Rasili bai and loneliness. A superb and befitting dialogue delivered by Laxmi!

Style Icon of the Week: Definitely Karan! He was looking very handsome this week with his casual look, and he won our hearts by always getting the Garodias out of the sticky snits Kajri puts them in.

Blooper of the Week: When Suryakant draws a line to partition the house and warns Pavitra to remain on the other side , he draws it with Roli ,that roli was perfect in shape till next morning..how is this possible? whole night and next day..the line was intact! was it drawn with charcoal instead ? or fevicol ka mazboot jod hai tutega nahin!

Annu Ki Ho Gayee Wah Bhai Wah:

Scene of the Week: There are two scenes of the week this time. First when the food in the kitchen gets burned. SK instead of shouting at her, thanks her for whatever she did last night for & gives her a leave for the rest of the day. Till now we saw an angry side of SK but in this scene we saw an emotional side of him. The other scene is when Ashu went to Annu’s house to meet her. Ashu is standing at the entrance & talking to Annu ,while outside Neil & Devika are spying on Ashu .The whole scene where they spot Ashu on his knees infront of Gullu was indeed a hilarious moment.

Dialogue of the Week: When Ashu is playing with the kids, Annu goes & stands in the corner, Ashu comes there & asks her what she is doing here. Then she asks him to close his eyes which he does. Annu asks him to feel the breeze, the birds chirping how beautiful the nature is. Ashu smiles & says he doesn't even remember when he last heard this sound.

Style Icon of the Week: Ashu Mehra whether it's casual wear or formal suit, he carries it off

Blooper of the Week: When Ashu bought some flowers from Red Light for Anu, the Flowers were loose, but when Anu gets down from the car, we saw her carrying a bouquet instead, now who prepared that bouquet of loose flowers.. is a milllion dollar question?

:*:*Blooper of the Week Award :*:

In the first few weeks itself the show Grahasthi has managed to get the Blooper of the week Award, is no less achievement and deserves a standing ovation...so here is the Awardee with its award winning performance.

1. When Rishi badly hurts his hand in the fight and was bleeding profusely, the blood and the wound kept on changing places. First it was on the whole hand, then shifted to small portion and the bandage was even smaller..prayer surely heals wound faster ..but this FAST??

2. When Rishi slips on soap water,he was wearing a brown color belt and when he gets up the belt gets changed..miraculosly and becomes black in color with different buckle as well.

3.Next day when Rishi again comes to Balraj house,he was wearing a metallic watch, but after few minutes it turns into a Leather one! strange house where from belt to watch, everything gets replaced from time to time! Hope not but is this a new trend in soaps where after actors now even their accessories are following the suit!

Spotted by: Nishtha

Stay tuned for the Pick of the Week, every week only on Telly Buzz--buzzing already.., our weekly article from the world of Television shows. Special Thanks to Dev Team of IF for their Input!

Concept and Author: Nishtha
Contributed by: trina1,*Kruthi*, *Shruti*
Banner by: *Kruthi*

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nice article but u should hve included dil mil gaye

15 years ago

i really wish the directors of serials take more care of such bloopers

15 years ago

where is kumkum n dmg????

15 years ago

Hi Nish, Sorry I haven't seen any of em so can't comment but I just wanna say u r doing a gr8 job...so kep it up!

15 years ago

the author has written that in the music launch party of 'Pari Hoon Main' shakti was trying 2 kill Raj by throwing a piece of 'so called glass'!! but actually it was not a mere piece of glass. shakti was carrying an icebox in his hand and the glass like thing was a piece of ice in d shape of a knife. ice, if frozen in such a shape can be as dangerous as a knife and it can cut into d flesh as a knife does. it was an icy knife and that's why after it was thrown 2 raj they couldn't find it outas it got melted(they showed it getting melted on the floor). so, it was not a blooper. what was unnatural was the delicate way Shakti threw it 2wards Raj, as if he was not throing a knife 2 kill someone but throwing a paper made aeroplane...

15 years ago

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