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Perneet - No delicate darling!

Perneet Chauhan aka Avni of Star One’s Love Ne Mila Di Jodi did not miss her shoot despite being terribly under the weather.

Published: Tuesday,Sep 08, 2009 13:30 PM GMT-06:00
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Perneet - No delicate darling!
In Star One's Love Ne Mila Di Jodi, Avni Gujral is portrayed as an innocent fragile girl who can never hurt anyone. In real life too Perneet Chauhan may retain some of those qualities but she has proved that she is a lot stronger than the person she portrays onscreen. In spite of having a temperature of 105 F, she came to the sets and gave all her shots that too without throwing any weight around!

Perneet tells us, "Thank you for your concern. It was nothing much. It was just that the sudden changes in weather were not taken well by my body. So I ended up having a sore throat and temperature. But the fever was only for two days and now I'm perfectly alright. Only the cough is a bit persistent. But that's nothing unusual as a bad cough always takes around 4-5 days to go."

Perneet also adds that she felt completely at ease due to the caring people on the sets. She says, "The people with me on the sets are all very nice. They took good care of me and saw to it that I was comfortable. That helped relieve some of the stress."

Glad to know, that everything is fine!

Reporter and Author: Susan Jose

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Jwalamukhi @-Jwalamukhi- 14 years ago Awww, nice to know that she is feeling better now
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Krupa @-Krupa- 14 years ago aww, i love perneet.
and admire that she's so much stronger than avni
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aditi @adits7 14 years ago gd dedication......n sweet of her co stars n crew members as well......thanx I-F
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payas bansal @_Payuu_ 14 years ago awwwwwwwwww
Love her man!!
she is just damn good
and for what she did.................
only respect!!!
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Masooma Bukhari @MasoomaBukhari 14 years ago I cannot say whether u hav don good or bad to yr self.
its good of yr spirit and bad coz u could get high fever.
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Aurum @Aurum 14 years ago glad tht shes feelin gbetter. she is rlly very sweet. =]
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iluvCR9 @iluvCR9 14 years ago awww its so nice to see her well again
she's such sweetheart
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Moumita @MrsBellamyBlake 14 years ago Perneet is as sweet as her character Avni in LNMDJ ... Take care Perneet...
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maaria @pakirani 14 years ago aww im glad she is better now...she's so dedicated to her work :)
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Knowalot2 @Knowalot2 14 years ago Perneet is so sweet -hope she's feeling better

she cares so much for her viewers

Get well soon
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