Parul Down with Chickenpox

Parul aka Ragini of STAR Plus’s Bidaai falls victim to chickenpox…

Parul Chauhan who we all adore as Ragini from Bidaai that airs on STAR Plus, has fallen ill.

Though unwell Parul managed to talk to us. She says, "Yes I got chicken pox since the last 4 days. I am not even able to speak properly. This illness has made me very weak. Also doctor has advised me to take rest for 5 more days. I hope I get fine soon and all the pockmarks also vanish quickly."

Parul's illness has caused a lot ruckus in the storyline of bidaai. According to our soure, "the whole story was so scripted that alekh and sadhana's marriage with maily Ragini and ranvir in the supporting backdrop. But now with Parul being ill, she wont be able to shoot the sequences. So, the whole scriptwriting team is racking their heads to set a new plot or at least to buy time till Ragini can be incorporated back in the show."

We wish Parul a speedy recovery.

Reporter: Ranjini Nair
Author: Susan Jose

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Comments (32)

i hope u get better parul we are all missin u already same oveer here!

14 years ago

get well soon dear nd tke cre.................

14 years ago

get well soon parul ....we alll willl miss u very much ......
miss u ......


14 years ago

get well soon .ur viewers of bidaai will surely miss u

14 years ago

so sad get well soon n join ur show back...........

14 years ago

Bechaari Parul... It seems as if she is really having some tough luck this year... Kuch naa kuch hota hi jaa raha hai uske saath... well I really hope that she is able to get some proper rest and gets well soon...

14 years ago

waise bhi strory kahi nahi ja rahi thi..ab kya farak padta hai

14 years ago

i neverd for chicken pox my mom had it last yr
feel better parul

14 years ago

i havent gotten chickenpox yet eitherr :O
i got half the shot done wen i was little..but..didnt get the other half!!

hope she gets bttr soooon :)

14 years ago

aww poor girl
i hate CP
get well soon parul!!!

14 years ago

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