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Parivaar-- Home away from home for Deepti Devi

The hardworking and innocent Radha of Parivaar, in converstion with the Telly Buzz team...

Published: Monday,Jan 14, 2008 14:40 PM GMT-07:00
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Deepti Devi or better known as Radha of Parivaar is the dutiful daughter, the indulging sister and the dutiful nurse.... Here is the hardworking actress in a one to one conversation with our reporter Melanie as she talks about her experiences working on the sets of Parivaar…

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How has it been working with the team of Parivaar?

It has been really great working with the entire team. We are like one big family that has a lot of fun together. We sit together; share our lunches, laugh and gossip. Although I am far away from home and miss my family a lot, the team of Parivaar is like my second family.

Do you relate to Radha, the character you play in Parivaar?

In a way, I do. I am a soft hearted person like Radha. But I am not as serious in life as she is. I do like to enjoy life and have fun, but I do have a sense of maturity and responsibility just like Radha.

Are you as family oriented as Radha?

Yes I am. When it comes to my family, I hold the same values and principles as my character. I respect my family because they have always been by my side in achieving all my dreams.

Radha was paired with Shourya first and then Addy; But both of them were bumped off from the serial. Is there any particular reason for this?

Not really. In my opinion, I had a great on-screen chemistry with both the actors. But they were not comfortable working with me. And they had commitments to other shows and were also offered better roles.

So when will Radha unite with her family? Will she be happy in the future track?

The future track of the serial is the channel’s call. Radha’s happiness is entirely left to the audience. As of now, the audience seems to enjoy the current track so we will proceed on the same track. We just have to wait and watch to know what happens in the future.

Radha’s on-screen chemistry with Addy (played by Rahil Azam) was appreciated by one and all. Are there chances of Addy returning to the serial?

Yes, the on-screen chemistry between Radha and Addy was great. In fact I enjoyed working with Rahil a lot. But I guess you will have to ask him if he has plans to return back to the serial.

In the serial, Radha is portrayed as a meek girl who is very submissive and is raped by Swapnil; do you think Radha is justified in doing this?

No absolutely not. Women in today’s society are definitely more assertive. In fact I was aghast when I read the script. I think society should get rid of such “gentlemen” and women need to stand up for themselves.

We have heard that Swapnil is not dead; so how will the Swapnil track end?

Well you will just have to wait and watch to find out.

Can you give us a gist of what is in store for the future?

Radha is now going to be introduced to a new family. From here on the story will be all about how she gets involved and adapts to this new family. It will mostly focus on the role she plays in making an impact on their lives.

Till now, which has been your favorite scene in the serial?

My favorite scene by far has been the scene where I eat Pani Puri with Diwakar who plays my brother Avinash and Ankita (plays Ankita). In this scene I miss my family a lot so I go out with both of them to eat Pani Puri. It was a very emotional scene and I enjoyed it a lot.

So do you have any future projects? What kind of roles would you like to play?

Right now I am concentrating only on Parivaar. I have got a lot of offers but haven’t taken up any new projects because I cannot leave Parivaar since it is like a family to me. In future I would love to do comedy roles or be a part of a reality show.

Reporter and Author: Melanie

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kisnatulsi 14 years ago thanks.....she seems sweet....eww swapnil....i like shlok and radha.....but parivaar is a good show..
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DivyaD 14 years ago Ok... there were 2 guys and they both were not comfortable working with her... what did she do... there is obviously more than meets the eye...

Parivaar is a really good show... but if they continue killing off the main men cos they are not comfortable with working witht eh female star, Parivaar is in for a huge problem... we need to find stars that can work with each other and work things out...
Reply thumbs-up thumbs-down
l0vey 14 years ago Radha was paired with Shourya first and then Addy; But both of them were bumped off from the serial. Is there any particular reason for this?

Not really. In my opinion, I had a great on-screen chemistry with both the actors. But they were not comfortable working with me. And they had commitments to other shows and were also offered better roles.

whats that supposed to mean?!
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winnie26 14 years ago Whatever For ?

They both are hot guys with a charmin personna especially Rahil AZam oooo so hot n sexy can turn the Mumbai seawaters hot.
He is not comf working with Radha.There must be some other reason.

Two men not comf means Dipti needs to loosen up & b more professional.

Dipti needs to connect with audience & male stars.World is watching.

I'm sad what can be more depressing than this.
Rahil not happy means his return is unsure .

All the best.My days with Parivaar has ended.Bye.
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Sonu_usa 14 years ago What do you mean by both the men were not confortable working with you Dipti ?

Your show is standing on the platform of fans of both these sweet men.They both have their fan following who are supporting your show.
Rahil won Diwakar's fans, proved he's the main lead.
If there is a problem work it out Dipti.
Rahil Azam is a real nice guy,wonderful wonderful man & a softie at heart.Statistics & articles have shown, He's a perfect gentlemen,he never gets angry or is uncomfortable with someone unless something happened.He is hot headed with a good reason.He is a hard working professional, he always delivers what fans want.That man after a severe accident came back for his fans only, he's a man of substance with lot of atma swabhimaan.He's very honest too,whatever must have happened cannot be his fault.Even if god comes down & tells me against him, I 'll not believe him...Rahil cannot go wrong.

I don't know him personally but my inner instincts R sharp, my heart never gives me wrong signals.

Work it out with him Dipti.Parivaar can turn out to be gr8.Without him, I doubt it.
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charliecate 14 years ago haha... that's funny they weren'y comfortable with her lolz
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sarahbaig82 14 years ago good acting ...rahda need to smile often rather making worried faces...most of the tyms.
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* ~ Roshni ~ *
* ~ Roshni ~ * 14 years ago thnx but we know nothing abt the men!! as in who is she actually paired oppo and yea wat did she mean they were not comfortable with her?! obviously sumthin might hav happened
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*Reemz* 14 years ago What does she mean they (Diwaker & Rahil) were not comfortable acting with her?? :s
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