Imlie: The mask man tries to kill Imlie, Imlie calls out to Agastya for help

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus' show Imlie tonight, the mask man will be seen closing on Imlie and will try to kill her.

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Adrija Roy and Sai Ketan Rao

Imlie takes the initiative to organize a coffee date for herself and Agastya, curious about the dynamics of a typical date. Agastya explains that people engage in conversation to understand each other better. Playfully, Imlie recalls an incident where she accidentally caught a glimpse of Agastya without clothes, and he defends it as an accident. Trying to delve into his daily routine, Imlie notes that even jugs and his social media followers are well aware of it. Agastya nonchalantly questions what is so special about it. The conversation takes a serious turn as Imlie expresses her observation that Agastya, despite being surrounded by family, feels a sense of loneliness.

In return, Imlie asks Agastya about his knowledge of her. He labels her as Purvaiya’s biggest gold digger and opportunistic, but acknowledges her kind heart and ability to value others' feelings. Their private moment is interrupted as they notice the family returning and decide to hide in the store room. Shivani discovers them there, and after a nervous exchange, she apologizes for unintentionally disrupting their date. Imlie agrees to help Shivani get ready for the wedding, leaving Agastya behind.

Meanwhile, a mysterious caterer roams around with a knife, seemingly harboring ill intentions towards Imlie. Jugnu searches for Dolly, who manages to free herself from a cupboard and escape. The wedding festivities continue with Agastya and Karan bringing Shivani to the mandap, but tension builds as the caterer follows Imlie with a knife. Imlie panics when she spots the knife, and Agastya and Vishwa rush to investigate. However, they find nothing, and Imlie insists that she saw the killer.

Alka scolds Imlie for creating drama, but Sonali and Rajni defend her. Agastya supports Imlie, warning her that if he doesn't find evidence of a killer at home, he won't spare her for disrupting the wedding. Later, the caterer slyly steals Agastya's phone and serves him juice. He then steps out to call Imlie, who panics upon seeing the supposed killer.


The preview hints at a more intense situation as the killer closes in on Imlie, and she reaches out to Agastya for help.

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They should stop dragging this mask man track and reveal the killer soon.

3 months ago

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