Imlie: Agastya tries stopping Imlie from doing what she is planning to do, Imlie challenges him

In the episode of Star Plus' show Imlie tonight, Agastya will be seen trying to stop Imlie from doing what she is planning to do, however, Imlie will challenge him.

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A still from the episode of Imlie tonight

Imlie shares with Agastya her intention to secure three elements to generate income: her talent, intelligence, and skills. Agastya seeks clarification, reminding Imlie of her past singing gig at a bar. Imlie receives a call and excuses herself, while Daadi engages in tulsi pooja, expressing her concerns about the family's ongoing troubles. Navya overhears and pessimistically believes the problems will never fade. Dadi observes Navya talking to her friends and recalls seeing them at a bar.

Sonali informs Agastya about the challenges in delivering orders, supporting Imlie's idea to successfully run their business for at least two days to gain investor confidence. Agastya, lost in thought, agrees with Sonali. Daadi approaches, urging Agastya to prevent Imlie from earning money inappropriately. Agastya assures Daadi that Imlie won't resort to wrongdoing again, but Daadi reveals Imlie talking to her bar friends, casting doubt on her intentions. Agastya pledges to intervene if Imlie sings in a bar again.

Agastya visits a bar, hoping Imlie isn't there. Angered by a different singer, he confronts her, only to discover it's not Imlie. Meanwhile, Imlie discusses her plan to help Chaudhry Sweets with her friends. Agastya overhears and vents his frustration at her, leaving abruptly. Back home, Imlie faces family backlash for allegedly going to a bar to earn money. Bulbul presents pamphlets advertising Imlie's initiative to save Chaudhry Sweets. Daadi and Sonali feel guilty for doubting Imlie.

Imlie returns home, where Daadi and others berate her for supposedly going to a bar. Bulbul reveals the truth about the sweets initiative, leading to a change in perception. Vishwa orders sweets from Imlie after finding her pamphlets, and Imlie accepts the order despite initial suspicions. Later, Imlie's friends express difficulties caused by Agastya, who bought the bar, leaving them jobless. Imlie plans to address the issue with Agastya but realizes she left her phone at Vishwa's house, where she stumbles upon a shocking discovery.

PRECAP: Agastya misunderstands Imlie, questioning her about returning to the bar for money. Imlie asserts that she doesn't need to resort to a bar, revealing Vishwa as her first customer. Agastya expresses disdain, and Imlie challenges him to try to stop her.

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The never ending story of misunderstandings...

4 months ago

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