Paridhi Sharma: I was clear, if I don’t bag a part in first six months, then the industry isn't right for me

Unlike many actors who started their careers in showbiz with modelling, Paridhi Sharma began her journey .

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Paridhi Sharma

Unlike many actors who started their careers in showbiz with modelling, Paridhi Sharma began her journey with theatre. She was a theatre artist before getting her break on the small screen. She worked in about three plays that were staged at the Prithvi Theatre.

“The first break I got was very much an acting assignment. And we had decided, like my husband (Tanmay Saxena) and I, that in the span of six months, if I can bag any role, then it's worth it for me to live in Mumbai and continue my career. But if that does not happen, it means I'm not the right choice for this industry. Thankfully, at the end of the sixth month, I got my first break. That was a cameo role, and before the cameo role I did a one-day shoot as Lakshmi Mata, but that show could never see the light of day. But then I did a cameo role in the TV show, Godh Bharai,” says the actor, known for shows such as Tere Mere Sapne, Ruk Jana Nahi, Jodha Akbar, Patiala Babes and Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei.

A lot of times, actors advertise products that they don't even use or endorse. There have been many talks about this practice.

“I think an actor is a brand in their own way. And if you have a brand, it needs constant upliftment and promotion, just to stay in the minds of people. The same thing goes with actors too. They have to reinvent and recreate themselves just to catch up to the different kinds of roles or create different kinds of avenues for themselves. So I think this kind of thing is necessary in today’s time. Having said this, I know deep down every actor just craves to perform an act. That's the basis of everything. So, besides acting, whatever actor is doing is just trying to create a new opportunity or a new viewpoint or a new perception about himself or herself,” she explains.

Earlier times actors used to focus on acting. But now, with the social media revolution and technological advancements, actors have become a product and are ending up doing things in the name of marketing and promotions just because everyone is doing it or because of the pressure of taking promotion and marketing as mandate tools for an actor.

“I think it is completely an individual’s choice, what they would like to advertise and how much they believe in the product or the thing. As far as I'm concerned, to a larger extent, I try not to endorse or advertise the product or services which I don't believe or I think it will spread the wrong message in the society. But if any other actor does it, I understand very well the kind of financial crisis an actor goes through in this field because the actor's job, or the nature of the job, is very uncertain. And I have seen a lot of actors who have gone through a huge financial crisis and in that scenario, if they do anything, just to pay the rent, I think that is their need and I understand that,” she says.

Do you think actors are losing their original selves and goals of focusing on craft and wasting energy in trying to match the current times? “No, I don't, rather I think that they have become more and more focused on their craft and they know that at the end of the day, it's their craft, which will attract the attention of the audience and the makers, so they're very clear about it. Apart from acting, in the periphery, whatever they are doing is just creating a persona, their personality, because an actor is an individual and the individual has a personality, a persona, which in today's time is very much created through various platforms. So the actor is just adding on to that by showcasing different facets and shades of themselves, but the core is 100% their craft. They have also become more and more aware and are always trying to enrich their craft with each passing day,” she concluded.

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