Pappu in dilemma amidst Lohri celebrations in Naadaaniyaan!

Big Magic’s popular show Naadaaniyaan - Teen Nadaanon Ki Kahaani gears up for a Lohri celebration…

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In Big Magic's popular show Naadaaniyaan - Teen Nadaanon Ki Kahaani Verma family will be soon celebrating the festival of Lohri, which will invite troubles for Pappu.

As seen, Pappu's mother (Upasana Singh) wants her son to get married to Meghna (Nikunj Malik). Taking advantage of Lohri celebration, she will try to make Pappu impress Meghna. Well, it's definitely not going to be so easy for Pappu.

Our source informs us, "While Pappu's mother finds Meghna as the quintessential girl for Pappu, she wants Pappu to impress Meghna during the Lohri celebrations. On the other hand, Pappu who has got a new job, finds himself in a dilemma as whether he should go for his job or be a part of the celebration to impress Meghna. All these confusion, frustrates him and he starts doing Tandav dance in front of everyone."

When contacted Gaurav Sharma aka Pappu, he said, "It was a great experience for all of us to shoot this sequence and we all enjoyed it a lot. We all are very excited to have a new family with us on the show. We share a great bonding with each other. After shooting for the Lohri sequence, we continued with our dance and fun."

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Anwesha Kamal

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Rapier 9 years ago She changes her beliefs and her perception of who she is (Indian or Canadian) according to her convenience. Since she is doing a Bollywood film and needs someone to watch her, she is "Indian and proud." SPARE ME!

and may I ask what exactly is the NEED to go get a 'no name' to star in a movie, who neither knows how to act nor speak the language, when there are thousands in the most elite acting/drama schools dying for a chance? Are we THAT lazy that we are not even bothering to search for talent. we just take whatever comes our way? it's sad actually.
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mistyi 9 years ago Thousands of girls are suffering in mumbai and struggling everyday to get a role in the film industry and look who mahesh bhatt finds to cast in his film.

I really think actresses who can act and speak hindi should be cast in movies/serials.
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DaddyMarvel 9 years ago Damn, what a liar this woman is... Her hypocrisy is all over the place. Her birth rights emerge as her conveniences grow.. Ab tak kahan tha iska birth right.. MEH!
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bewafa 9 years ago A user said something about how she could work in the p*rn industry as she is 'Indian'...

May I remind you that there exists a p*rn industry in India?

Might I also remind all of you that there exists a casting couch in Bollywood...so if she used it...so did all the other actresses...yes, even the ones a lot of you worship.

It's just a normal thing to do in Showbiz.2012-02-02 18:51:04
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zozo1200 9 years ago She is the biggest hypocrite ever and doesnt know ABC of acting huh..mahesh bhatt wants to sleep with her so he is casting her. reminds me of that evil gang..fat cow juhi,mad budhi bedi, foul mouthed sky and this fake sati savitri aurat sunny huh
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dazzlingflora 9 years ago @khyea-mayur: she was not forced by the circumstance she entered in the p**n industry all by herself... No one forced her...she wanted to make money she herself said it...
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MadhuriDixit 9 years ago @ zoya-sha she is fully punjabi meaning both her parents are punjabi. she was just born in canada
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-Shankar- 9 years ago She seems ok n all but her po*n history bugs me
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hindu4lyf 9 years ago Guess this proves one thing right about Bollywood. Sleep with the director/producer and you'll get wherever you wanna get to!
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cherry_ik 9 years ago This article reminded me of that evil trio, Sky, Juhi and sunny...so yuck!!!!!! :(((((
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