Pankaj Tripathi reveals his humble village upbringing: I don't tell these stories because...

Pankaj Tripathi recently opened up on why he doesn't share his story of hardship.

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In the glitzy world of cinema, Pankaj Tripathi stands out for his exceptional acting prowess, he recently clinched the Best Supporting Actor award at the 69th National Film Awards for his compelling performance in the heart-touching movie "Mimi." Currently, he's basking in the glory of, "OMG 2" and the much-anticipated "Fukrey 3."

However, beneath the star-studded exterior, Pankaj Tripathi remains firmly rooted in his humble beginnings, an aspect he seldom discusses. In a candid interview with Loksatta, the actor shed light on his upbringing in a village, offering a glimpse into the values that continue to shape his life.

Tripathi shared, "My upbringing was in a village for 23 years. We were lower-middle class. I was just thinking yesterday, whenever I go to a hotel and order food, I tell them to send it in small portions because if it gets wasted I won't like it. But they always give a lot, and I have to do overeating, and I thought, 'Why am I doing this?'"

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He further added that his middle class values are still there and he gets worried whenever a spoon of rice gets wasted. He reminisced about witnessing his father toil in the fields, even when he had an injured foot. These enduring memories have left an indelible mark on him, making him intimately familiar of hardship.

The actor expressed that he has observed numerous hardships and added, “I don’t tell these stories because people will feel I am trying to gain sympathy. Whenever we narrate the underdog story, people put music behind it and make reels.” 

He then further spoke about his daughter Aashi Tripathi and said that she discusses with them 10 times before making any decision. She has seen them roam on bikes, so she is not a ‘golden spoon’ child.

For the unversed the actor's upcoming project is titled Main Atal Hoon, is a biographical story about the life of former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee. The movie is directed by Ravi Jadhav, renowned for his National Award-winning films like Natarang and Balgandharva. 

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