Pandya Store: Suman suffers a heart attack after learning the truth

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus' show Pandya Store, Natasha confides in Suman about being deceived by Dhawal, leading to Suman's heart attack.

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Pandya Store

Tonight's Pandya Store commences with Chiku scaling a wall in an attempt to uncover the truth. On the other hand, Natasha spots Suman, Shesh, and Mittu. Overwhelmed, she breaks down in Suman's embrace, prompting Suman to inquire about the reason for her distress. Natasha reveals that she has been deceived, her family abandoned her, and Chiku left. Distraught, Suman presses her for details, and Natasha discloses that Dhawal deceived her with false love, promises, and the prospect of marriage. Suman, taken aback, insists Dhawal is a good person and can't be responsible for this. Natasha embraces Suman as she shares her ordeal, and Chiku watches in distress.

Meanwhile, Dhawal is on his way, preoccupied with thoughts of Natasha, but he meets with an accident and falls to the ground. Bhaven expresses concern that this could be a significant defeat, while Amrish vehemently asserts that they won't lose and are prepared to go to great lengths. He passionately declares his determination to reclaim the store from Natasha, disowning her from their family and forbidding anyone from mentioning her name.

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Amid this turmoil, Chiku accidentally slips and falls, drawing the attention of everyone present. Suman, witnessing this, suddenly suffers a heart attack and faints. The family is shocked, and Chiku promptly rushes to her side, picking her up and placing her on the sofa. Natasha, distraught, checks on Suman. With great concern, Suman remains unresponsive, and Chiku carries her in his arms.

They rush Suman to the hospital, where a doctor diagnoses her with a heart attack. Natasha is in tears, and Chiku provides her with emotional support. Meanwhile, Dhawal is distracted by a commotion outside the hospital as he witnesses someone with a bag and mistakenly thinks it's Natasha. He pleads with her not to leave and embraces her, but the girl pushes him away, leading to a physical altercation. A man intervenes, slapping Dhawal for his behaviour. On the other hand, Natasha focuses on Suman's condition, reminiscing about their shared childhood moments. A kind girl offers water to Dhawal, who clarifies that he didn't intend to harass her. Natasha anxiously inquires about Suman's condition and expresses her regret for revealing the truth. The tension is palpable, and Chiku implores Natasha to let the doctors do their job.

Precap: Suman's condition deteriorates, and is placed on a ventilator. A nurse informs them they can only find the necessary medicine in Mumbai. The precap concludes with Chiku confronting Amrish, revealing his determination to take action against him as Yashodan Pandya.

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