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Pandya Store: Raavi asked for the partition by selling the house after Suman's death

After 7 years, the family will be seen entering the Pandya Niwas.

Published: Thursday,Jan 19, 2023 14:00 PM GMT-07:00
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Pandya Store

Star Plus' Pandya Store is one of the top rated shows. The makers are trying their level best to keep the viewers hooked with its gripping storyline and intriguing twists. To add in more drama, the story took a seven year leap and all the Pandya brothers are living different lives.

And the upcoming episode is gearing up for high end drama. As already seen how Dhara recalls the unfortunate day seven years ago when her family was shattered and Suman told her how she wouldn’t forgive her. The words of the members ring in her ears as she looks around the now empty house. Now the audience will see how the whole family is meeting after 7 years at the hospital with lots of old grudges and anger.

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Dhara and Suman now plan to uniting the family back! After 7 years family will enter the Pandya Niwas. And to everybody's shock, Raavi asked for the partition by selling the house after Suman's death. 

As its already seen how Raavi got the devastating news that Shiva’s brain is even more damaged than before and even after the surgery. 

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Palak2812 2 months ago IF just shut up
At least write before knowing the facts.
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mpks1 2 months ago Do you want to post why she is asking for Shiva’s share? IF has to always come up with half baked spoilers just like how you said Dev- Rishita are having another girl when indeed they had a boy. Watch the episodes first before posting a spoiler which doesn’t even bring up the main point
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spdp 2 months ago If Suman’s character is indeed let go off: why not separate? (doubt- Starplus loves Suman)
Bhabhi has slurped Every Paisa of their joint fortune. Controls finances, house, store, jwellery. Including Raavi’s earnings, Shiva’s win money, compensation- everything.
Dhara Denied shiva timely treatment. Shiva was the one who left studies preteen to work in store with Kaka. Gombi is & was useless- was busy romancing then , is wasted drunk now because wife doesn’t romance.

Joint families is not always ideal, when all is controlled by just one person.
No one can live like puppets all their life.
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Sinmegh 2 months ago Poor raavi things are so difficult for her
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