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Pandya Store: Natasha extends her hand to Dhawal to move forward in their relationship

In tonight's Pandya Store episode, Amrish advises Dhawal to secure their family's future by winning Natasha's trust.

Published: Saturday,Sep 30, 2023 07:20 AM GMT-06:00
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Pandya Store

In tonight's Pandya Store episode, Amba is surprised by the good news, and Hetal suggests they prepare to welcome a new family member, Natasha's (Priyanshi Yadav) child. Dolly offers to make juice for Natasha, and Chabeli wants to distribute sweets, but Amba looks concerned. Dhawal arrives, and Chirag celebrates with a song and dance. Hetal asks him to take care of Natasha, who isn't feeling well.

Natasha is not pregnant:

Meanwhile, Suman (Krutika Desai) tries to get Chiku's (Sahil Uppal) attention by bringing him food, but he's not interested and prefers burgers and pizza. Suman says she made it with a lot of love and keeps the plate over there. Looking at his favourite dishes being prepared, Chiku feels delighted and has it. Hetal shares the exciting news with Amrish that she thinks Natasha is pregnant, and Amrish is happy. Natasha's friend calls about a project, and Natasha plans to discuss it with Amrish. Dhawal offers to contact the family doctor for Natasha. Dhawal goes outside and has a conversation with Amrish. Amrish congratulates Dhawal on becoming a father and suggests getting the important papers signed by Natasha to secure their future. Natasha checks the papers later, but Dolly congratulates Dhawal, thinking Natasha is pregnant. Natasha mistakes the situation and wonders if Dhawal completed the project. Dooly clarifies that she is congratulated because Natasha is pregnant. Natasha explains that she's not pregnant and wants to take things slow in their relationship. Amba is relieved, but Natasha is okay with the decision.

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Natasha extends her hand to Dhawal:

Pranali's dad looks at a mall project design, and Dhawal talks to Amrish about getting Natasha to sign the papers. Amrish advises Dhawal to win Natasha's trust and explains the importance of their investment. Natasha approaches them and then asks for permission to go on a college project site visit with friends. Amrish grants her permission, and she thanks him. Later, Amba hopes that Dhawal and Natasha will stay apart. Natasha goes to Dhawal's room, and they have a conversation where she expresses her willingness to move forward in their relationship. Dhawal seems worried, and Amba appreciates Natasha's decision that they won't get close anymore. Meanwhile, Natasha extends her hand to Dhawal.


In the precap of Pandya Store, Dhawal and Natasha have a serious argument, and Natasha is angry with him for breaking her trust and planning their marriage. She threatens to see how his mall project succeeds.

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