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Pandya Store: Gautam beats up Shiva; Dhara to get pregnant?

Here’s what’s in the store for the viewers of Star Plus show ‘Pandya Store’.

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Cast of Pandya Store.

Courtesy : Disney+ Hotstar

Cast of Pandya Store.

Star Plus show ‘Pandya Store’ is getting quite interesting with each passing episode. The current track of the show revolves around Raavi and Shiva deciding to get divorced while the family try to convince them to not do the same.

In the upcoming episode, Raavi tells the family that she gave many chances to the relationship but Shiva’s insecurity and inferiority complex kept on increasing with each passing day. Shiva asks Raavi to not deliver dialogues and just sign the papers. He gives her a pen to sign. Raavi looks at each and every member of the family and remembers happy moments with them. Her hand trembles to sign. Shiva shouts at her and asks to sign. In a fit of rage, Raavi signs the papers. 

Dhara asks Raavi to not leave but Raavi doesn’t budge and leave. Raavi breakdown at her house. Anita is against Raavi’s decision as she will also have to stay away from Pandya family. Anita states that she has sorted out the differences with the family after a long struggle and thus don’t want the relationship to be spoiled. Raavi remembers Shiva and cries unconsolably.

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Gautam and the entire family are disappointed with Shiva’s behavior. Gautam thrashes him. Dhara, Dev and Krish try to stop him but Gautam keeps on hitting him. Later, Shiva picks up the divorce papers and leaves. Dhara gets dizzy and falls unconscious. The family rushes her to the hospital where she keeps repeating Raavi’s name. 

Shiva cries thinking about his broken marriage. Furthermore, he will learn about Dhara’s condition and would rush to the hospital. It can be assumed that Dhara is pregnant.

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barbieflora 1 months ago I do not agree with the way this family behaves. They blatantly favour one child over the other when clearly the mistakes of Dev were more dire than Shiva's. At least Shiva's intensions were good.
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GrilledCheese 1 months ago PS cast is doing a good job.. but the track is pathetic! Hoping for better tracks, and also a reduction in physical abuse.. the way the family keeps beating Shiva left and right is atrocious
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mpks1 1 months ago With the way Dhara was acting in the last scene I thought she had a heart attack, pregnant ladies monitor won’t have flat lines like they were showing, as if she is going to die soon. What a dramatic way to show pregnancy😳 Kuch bhi dhikate hain and think audience will take any crap.
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Shivi_forever 1 months ago Love Pandya Store.
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