Pandya Store: Chiku's arrival at the Pandya Store and encounter with Suman

In the upcoming Pandya Store episode, tensions rise as the Muh Dikhayi ceremony occurs. Meanwhile, Chiku visits the Pandya Store.

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Tonight's Pandya Store episode begins with Dolly sharing with Amresh that Pranali visited her and revealed the motive behind Natasha's (Priyanshi Yadav) marriage: to acquire Pandya Store. Amresh, however, lies about Natasha's knowledge of this plan and distracts Dolly with the promise of diamond necklaces.

Muh Dikhayi ceremony:

The Muh Dikhayi ceremony commences, and tensions arise. Amba insists on taking custody of the family's jewels and heavy dresses for safekeeping. Natasha begins to perceive the house as a parallel to Pandya Store, where Suman (Krutika Desai) safeguards everything.

Natasha's suspicion:

Suman calls out to Natasha while she's at the store but later realises that Natasha is married. Meanwhile, Chiku (Sahil Uppal) visits the Pandya Store. He rubs off the mud on the pants, making his hand dirty. He enters the store, leaving his fingerprints on the pillar. On entering, his eyes catch the family's hanging frame and recall his childhood memories. 

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Chiku's encounter with Suman:

Chiku even leaves the impression of the mud on the table. He notices Suman and asks for a cigarette. Suman says the store doesn't have such harmful things. He further requests a bag of rice and picks it up near the storeroom. Suman asks for his knowledge of where the rice bag is kept. Chiku brilliantly replies that he has a connection with the area, and it's a talk of common sense. He holds the rice bag, reminding Suman of her eldest son. 

Dolly engages Pranali in a humorous exchange, stating she will make funny content with her. Pranali asks Dolly to respect her and not call her by her name as she is older than her. Amba presents gas stoves as gifts, suggesting that daughters-in-law should cook separately to prevent disputes. Dolly embraces the idea, but Natasha is puzzled by it.


In the precap of Pandya Store, Natasha expresses her happiness with her new family to Dhawal. Amresh hints at his desire to take control of Pandya Store after the rituals are complete.

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