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Pandya Store: Anita’s evil plan to break Dhara’s hope; Dev and Rishita in a fix

Here’s what’s in the store for the viewers of Star Plus show ‘Pandya Store’.

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Gautam and Dhara

Star Plus show Pandya Store is getting quite intense. The current track of the show revolves around Dhara losing her baby as Gautam decided the same. Dhara is going through an emotional turmoil. She is not getting the right way to express her feelings and pain. Gautam confronts her and tries to explain her his side of the story.

In the upcoming episodes, Gautam tells Dhara about how difficult it was for him to take the decision. He asks Dhara as to what would she do if she was in a similar situation. Dhara tells him that she would do the same but her pain isn’t decreasing. She leaves from the kitchen. Shiva, Dev and Krish try to cheer her up but in vain. Suman prays for Dhara and Gautam.

Rishita tells Dev that her job is in danger. He will have to built 5 ft wall or else her job will be at stake. Dev tells Rishita that he feels something is fishy. Rishita thinks that she is also feeling the same but hopefully everything would end up properly.

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Suman consoles Dhara and tells her that the technology is quite advanced and she can get a baby with the varied treatments available. She asks Dhara to not lose hope. Anita meets Dhara and tells her about a special gynecologist and asks her to visit her the next day. She intends at breaking all hope that Dhara still have to embrace motherhood.

Furthermore, Dev receive a notice and he learns that Rishita’s boss has done a fraud with them and that they’ll have to repay 15 lac rupees to him within a span of a week with interest. The family get stressed.

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Palak2812 1 months ago Let's see what more nonsense they r gonna show.
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Mahimahijit 1 months ago As usual the script writers will ruin the show with a cheap and evil twist like anita this show go down now
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mpks1 1 months ago So how many times are the makers going to kill Dhara’s unborn for the ratings? Isn’t this pathetic way of story telling, constantly show a woman’s misery. For about 4 1/2 months it was Raavi and now it is Dhara’s turn, not sure how kong this will even go for, SMH.
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