Pandya Store: Amrish left, handing over the business and family responsibilities to Dhawal

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus' show Pandya Store, the Makwana family finds a signed blank paper from Amrish, handing over the business and family responsibilities to Dhawal.

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Pandya Store

Tonight's Pandya Store episode commences with Dhawal being overcome with emotion as he reads Amrish's letter. Amrish expresses his disappointment to Hetal in the letter, questioning her lack of trust in him and her preference for Natasha's word over his. Amrish reveals in the letter that the rules he established for the family were meant to uphold unity, citing Amba as the sole supporter in his life. He expresses feeling abandoned by everyone and announces his departure from the house, leaving the entire family in a state of deep emotional turmoil.

Amrish writes about the sense of being perceived as a wrongdoer by his own family, declaring himself the main obstacle to their happiness. In a final act of responsibility, he signs a blank paper, handing over the business and family responsibilities to Dhawal. Pranali takes the opportunity to taunt Bhavin, stating that Amrish, through the letter, has revealed his true position by entrusting the business to Dhawal instead of him. Bhavin signals her to cease her remarks. Devastated, Dhawal breaks down while reading the letter, and even Hetal is left in profound distress.

Natasha, aimlessly wandering the streets, reflects on Dhawal obtaining her signature and the accusations made by Chiku. She recalls informing Dhawal of her decision not to stay with him and contemplates her next steps. Suman attempts to contact Natasha but fails, growing increasingly concerned. Suman questions Chiku about his intense anger regarding his sister's suppressed love. Chiku explains the significance of the Pandya Store and its role in keeping the family together. Suman advises him not to sacrifice relationships for those who are no longer a part of their lives.

Chiku, unable to reveal the Makwanas' role in recent events, considers the consequences of disclosing the truth to Suman. Amba, in a fit of anguish, slaps Dhawal repeatedly, accusing him of shattering the foundation of their home and taking Amrish away from his children. She mourns Amrish's sacrifices for the family and pleads with them to search for him.

Dhawal, expressing that he values Amrish over any material possession, receives a call informing him about the discovery of Amrish's damaged car. Alongside Chirag and Bhavin, he rushes to investigate. Meanwhile, Natasha experiences kidney pain while walking on the road. Suman decides to search for Natasha, and Chiku, with Mithu, goes in the direction of the Makwana house. Dhawal and Chiku unknowingly pass by Natasha, failing to notice her. Natasha, observing them heading towards the Makwana residence, worries about the consequences if they discover she is not there. The episode concludes with Dhawal encountering Amrish's wrecked car after an accident.

Precap: Dhawal presents divorce papers to Natasha, revealing that he has already signed them and urging her to do the same. Natasha complies, signing the divorce papers and tossing them at Dhawal.

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