Pandya Store: Amrish and Dhawal clash, leading to Amba slapping Dhawal

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus' show Pandya Store, Dhawal argues with Amrish, leading to Amba intervening by slapping Dhawal and labelling him shameless.

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Pandya Store

Tonight's Pandya Store episode commences with Amrish asserting that Pandya Store must break. Dhawal (Rohit Chandel), however, ridicules Amrish, insinuating that he knows the kidnappers and questions the haste in obtaining signatures. Dhawal applauds Amrish's so-called master plan and accuses him of using him as a shield to target Natasha (Priyanshi Yadav). Isha breaks down in tears, and Dhawal questions Amrish's motives. Amba advises Dhawal to think before speaking.

Dhawal reveals that Amrish exploited him as a pawn to attack Natasha and questions why he betrayed their trust. Amrish confesses that he knew Dhawal's marriage was a strategic move for Pandya Store. Isha is shocked to learn this. Dhawal expresses gratitude for his marriage but argues that destroying Pandya Store means killing Natasha again. He questions Amrish about the consequences for Suman's health and emotional toll on Natasha's family. Emotions run high as the Pandyas bring home the remaining products and the store's name board. 

Amrish confronts Dhawal about the impending consequences, emphasizing the financial burden, potential jail time, and the family's dire situation. Amrish urges Dhawal to think pragmatically, emphasizing the family's economic struggles and the need for the mall's construction to avoid further losses. Dhawal defends his stance, asserting that taking the store by fraud was morally wrong. He suggests that Natasha, a better commerce student, could have understood if Amrish had been transparent about the loan details. Dhawal accuses Amrish of jeopardizing one family to save another and asserts his concern for Natasha's well-being.

Suman seeks forgiveness from her children and implores her grandsons to pardon Natasha, who acted under pressure. Amrish confronts Dhawal about his perceived lack of empathy, declaring his determination to do anything for the family, regardless of the allegations. Dhawal remains firm, expressing concern for Natasha's emotional state. Amba intervenes, slapping Dhawal and labelling him shameless for forgetting Amrish's sacrifices. Dhawal, alone, reflects on Natasha's allegations and the destruction of Pandya Store, lamenting helplessly. The episode concludes with Dhawal contemplating how to reconcile the conflicting forces represented by Natasha and Amrish.

Precap: Natasha prepares to leave the Makwana house, prompting Amba to question her destination. Amrish arrives, asserting that Natasha cannot separate Dhawal from him, and Dhawal presents divorce papers to Natasha.

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