Pandya Store: Amba encounters Isha

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus' show Pandya Store, Amba notices Isha while she tries to escape.

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In tonight's Pandya Store episode, the scene opens with Amrish obtaining Isha's photo from Amba, determined to find her. Natasha (Priyanshi Yadav) later approaches Amba, informing her that Hetal is calling her for Diwali shopping. Despite Amba's initial reluctance, she reluctantly agrees. Meanwhile, Suman (Krutika Desai) waits for Meethu to arrange a taxi for their shopping trip, and Chiku raises concerns about leaving Isha alone at home. Amrish, in solitude, speaks to Isha's photo, expressing his frustration at her elusive nature.

Isha, carrying her luggage, informs Suman that she doesn't want to be a burden. Suman, however, insists that she stays and celebrates Diwali with them. Initially reluctant to join the Diwali shopping, Isha eventually agrees after Suman's persistent requests. Chiku, seemingly captivated by Isha, watches her with a smile. Suman playfully encourages Isha to choose something for herself before they shop for Natasha's in-laws. Observing Chiku selecting a dress for Isha, Suman teases her.

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Coincidentally, Natasha and her in-laws arrive for Diwali shopping. Suman urges Amba to select something, but Amba insists they choose whatever they want and proceeds with her shopping. Curious about Amba's unusual behaviour, Suman asks Natasha if Amba is alright. She then selects a dress for Natasha and encourages her to try it despite Natasha's protests.

As both Isha and Natasha are in changing rooms, Hetal instructs Dhawal to deliver a suit to Natasha. While Natasha struggles with a smaller-sized dress, Dhawal explains that Hetal sent clothes for her to try. Dhawal decides to wait and help Natasha, leading to a hilarious situation. Natasha requests Dhawal to enter the changing room and assist her, unaware Isha is in the adjacent room. Isha and Dhawal narrowly miss seeing each other. While Dhawal and Natasha close their eyes, he helps her remove the stuck suit, creating a comical scene. Rang lagya Isha ka plays in the background as Dhawal feels embarrassed to face the crowd outside.

Observing the commotion, Isha decides to step outside for a moment, and Amba also notices her. In a rush, Isha tries to leave the area, and Amba, emotionally moved, gazes at her. The episode concludes with Amba's poignant expression.

Precap: Natasha and Isha find themselves at a cliff. Natasha confronts Isha about her connection with the Makwana family and her alleged involvement in the attempt to kidnap Golu. In response, Isha advises Natasha to direct her questions to her husband instead.

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