Pallavi to return in Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki...

Pallavi aka Achint Kaur will stage a comeback to Kahaani. But the twist in the tale is that she gets positive...

Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki is in for a new twist with the focus shifting to the younger generation – Bharat Chawda, Jatin Shah and Priya Wal who are in a rescue mission to save Parvathi. As the track goes, each of them have got an anonymous letter saying that they have to save Parvathi(Sakshi Tanwar) who is in deep trouble.

After the entry of the vamp Trishna, the big news now is that Pallavi aka Achint Kaur will be making her comeback in Kahaani. According to our well-placed source, “Achint Kaur will be back in Kahaani, but this time she will not be posing problems to Parvati, but will come as her savior”. Our source further reveals that “It is actually Pallavi and Sasha(Chetan Hansraj) who have together sent out the letters to the youngsters in the family. For the very first time, the evil characters of Sasha and Pallavi will turn positive”.

Further, if sources are to be believed, Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki, which is one of Ekta’s long running serials will end in mid November or early December this year.

Well, with Pallavi and Sasha turning positive, this might surely be an indication to a happy ending as far as the Agarwal family is concerned!! 

Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair

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Chetan Hansraj

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Priya Wal

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Jatin Shah

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Achint Kaur

Comments (19)

WOW Thats a great news.I always like PALLAVI'S acting.Now KGGK is going off air.I think in the end KAMAL & PALLAVI will be a COUPLE.

15 years ago

TFS....Good to see that Pallavi's back on the show! ..i've always loved Achint as Pallavi in Kahaani...have loved her being pitted against Parvati n also when Parvati n Pallavi got together as super moms for Chotu....Pallavi has always had high regard n respect for Parvati even though the rest of the AGs were'nt on good terms with her....n it'll sure be good to see Parvati n Pallavi come around together! ..Sakshi n Achint share Amazing chemistry!

15 years ago

wow pallu is bck in d shw. it's really nice. i m hppy dat pallu n sasha turn +ive. yipeeeeeee

15 years ago

Wow...Havn't Watch This Drama for long time Glad 2 Hear Tht She is Becoming nicer Now=)

15 years ago

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15 years ago

didnt see that coming!!!
this is great!!

15 years ago

thank god sasha and pallavi going good ways...!

15 years ago

wowwww gr88 newss both will turnn posii wowww well thnxxxx

15 years ago

i knew it was pallavi with sasha, that's nice to see them as positive.. aw, the show will be ending

15 years ago

Finally something good, am glad Adi and Aditi return

15 years ago

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